NSD Relays: Ben to JP

Last week ended with Tom to Ben…

Pictured from left to right: Chris Kymn, Ben Koh, John Sasso, Terrence Lonam, JP Stuckert, Mark Gorthey

Today Benjamin Koh passed the baton to JP Stuckert:

“JP and I have been friends for a long time; and in consequence of that time, I have a chaotic list of memories I’m quite, quite eager to share- so here are a few of them now.
1) Jane Patty’s intelligence transcends just philosophy (where I am always shocked at the breadth of his knowledge), but also includes a beloved show of mine, Lost. I am uninterested in hearing your thoughts about its polar bears in the comments below.
2) John Paul’s often shy exterior hides away a vigorous commitment to pedagogy and care for his students. There have been a myriad of late nights at various camps where he discussed his guilt when lab may not be going as well as he wanted, or the way in which he feels responsible when a student is struggling despite the specificities of the moment. And in each case, it’s wonderful to see in the subtleties just how much JP cares.
3) Jape Grape has taught at camp with me more than anybody else; only at TDC last year was he absent of recent memory and I did, in all honesty, feel the absence.
4) Most of all, JP is loyal. As somebody who is indefinitely suspicious and prone to stress in and out of the debate context, I am always certain that JP is there and will show up when I need him; and he has. And I’m sure he will again when I need him to, despite time or place
At NSD, I’m probably hanging with JP*.
*also known as Jane Patty, John Paul, Jape Grape, Jean Phillipe, Jane Phillip, etc.”

– Benjamin Koh

Check us out on Wednesday to see who JP passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest