NSD Relays: Dino to Jayanne

On Wednesday Michael passed the baton to Dino …

Pictured to the right are Dino and Jayanne.

Today Dino De La O passed the baton to Jayanne Forrest:

“Today, I will be passing the baton down to Jayanne!
I have always enjoyed Jay and I’s thoughtful conversations at debate camp. I admired the way she carries herself, with great intellect and authenticity. We could have really rigorous conversations or relax and talk about how we’re doing, and I greatly appreciated the dynamic. I also really appreciate receiving an email this past season with a random cool reading that made her think of our conversations.
It has been a pleasure to see Jay’s continuous involvement in the debate community. I have several memories that come to mind, from our jam sessions on the way to Torchys, to teaching together at Philly, but I particularly enjoyed hanging out with Jay at Sunvite this past season. I was particularly impressed with our pedagogical discussions and Jay’s recollection of her time with her mentees this past summer at NSD. It showed me that Jay cares a lot about her students, and it makes me excited to see what she will continue to do this summer.
Jay is a great educator, member of the debate community, and I am proud to call her my friend.”

– Dino De La O

Check us out next Monday to see who Jay passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest