NSD Relays final chain – round 1

NSD Relays has come to a conclusion this week, and we would like to thank everyone who shared their compliment and memories about most of our incoming staff. Our relay created the following chain:

Zoë Ewing to Becca Traber to Kris Wright to Chris Castillo to Sam Azbel to Muhammad Khattak to Ari Azbel to Daniel Shahab Diaz to Matt Chen to Katherine Fennell to Ananta Wadhwa to Megan Wu to Maya Sanghavi to Varoonie Toons to Michael Ning to Dino De La O to Jayanne Forrest to Lindsey Perlman to Tom Evnen to Benjamin Koh to JP Stuckert to Grant Brown to Sachin Shah!!!
This chain is still missing some awesome staff who will be at our camps this summer so make sure to check out the staff list again, and be on the lookout for the next relay!!

Jayanne Forrest