NSD Relays: Grant to Sachin

On Wednesday, JP passed the baton to Grant…

Today Grant Brown passed the baton to Sachin Shah:

“While there are many things one could recall about the illustrious Sachin Shah, especially his tremendous and unforgettable victory over Ari Azbel at the 2017 National Symposium for Debate Camp Tournament, a few images immediately come to mind. I vividly remember arduously defeating the block-stacking game together at Dave and Busters during the snowed-out Lexington tournament, bagging an incredible bright-blue stuffed Llama named Gerald in the process, taking pictures in front of a baguette strangely left in the street at Yale, the continuous mocking that I subjected Sachin to as a result of his vegan eating habits and his viscous response of commentary about my navigation skills, the difficulty we had constructing an analytic Spinoza framework despite Sachin’s acceptance of the truth of Spinozism, and watching Sachin and Rikhav produce answers to the good Samaritan paradox which far and away exceeded my comprehension of symbolic logic. However, what always continues to impress me about Sachin is his overwhelming positivity and ability to accept nearly any situation with humility and humor. Whether it’s a judge’s discussion that doesn’t quite fall his way, a difficult academic challenge, or anything in between, Sachin always makes the best of a situation. It has been an incredible experience working with and learning from Sachin the past two years and after many hours of struggling to keep him from focusing entirely on various computer science projects and robot explorations, I’m excited to see the marvelous teacher he’ll surely be this summer!”

– Grant Brown

Check us out tomorrow to see the summary of NSD Relays, thank you for running with us!

Jayanne Forrest