NSD Relays: Jayanne to Lindsey

Last week ended with Dino passing the baton to Jayanne…

On Monday, Jayanne Forrest passed the baton to Lindsey Perlman!

“I met Lindsey during a round my junior year of high school, did not get to know her until my freshman year of college, and I wish we had spoken sooner! Lindsey is so kind, caring, intelligent, eager to learn and overall a cool person to be around. I think my favorite memory with Lindsey was working with Byram this year and seeing her kill it on the national circuit while also maintaining solidarity with other women in debate and supporting her younger teammates. I’m happy we developed a friendship. I admire her mentorship position in W.in Debate and on the Byram debate team, and I’m super excited to work with her as a staff-member this summer at NSD!”

– Jayanne Forrest

Check us out on Wednesday to see who Lindsey passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest