NSD Relays: JP to Grant

This week started with Ben passing the baton to JP

Grant Brown, photographed at TDC in 2018

Today, JP Stuckert passed the baton to Grant Brown!

“Interspersed between some rather fantastic pronouncements, Grant has tons of nuggets of wisdom about both debate strategy and philosophy. I recall at NSD Flagship last year a group of wide-eyed students sitting in a circle around Grant at office hours as he explained various tricks for weighing a K against theory. Another memory that particularly stands out was the great heist of NSD Philly 2018 when Ben Koh’s magical stuffed penguin disappeared for several days and Ben received a series of rather cryptic riddles that served as clues as to where the penguin was. After Ben proceeded to accuse everyone from me to himself to a mass conspiracy of all of the students and instructors, it turned out that Grant was behind the whole thing. Grant is the kind of person who is both fun in his seriousness and serious in his fun. This element makes him both a great thinker and a great educator.”

– JP Stuckert

Check us out on Friday for our last relay to see who Grant passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest