NSD Relays: Katherine to Ananta

NSD RELAYS!! Wednesday was Matt to Katherine.

On Friday, Katherine Fennell passed the baton to Ananta Wadhwa!

One of the best parts of teaching at camp is watching students grow and progress. One of my favorite memories is working with Ananta on efficiency drills during office hours. I was being pretty strict on the inefficiencies, so I stopped her every couple of seconds and made her start over. Ananta did not get frustrated, but rather thanked me for working with her and continued enthusiastically. Her kindness and dedication to debate and to other people continued as she became a teacher, and it was really cool to see Ananta become a confident, talented lab leader. People like Ananta are the reason that I am excited to teach at camp for the third year!

Katherine Fennell

Check us out next week to see who Ananta passes the baton to!!!

Jayanne Forrest