NSD Relays: Lindsey to Tom

On Monday Jayanne passed the baton to Lindsey..

On Wednesday Lindsey Perlman passed the baton to Tom Evnen!

“Tom Evnen is one of the smartest, funniest, and most caring people I’ve ever met. Even when camp ends and the debate season begins, Tom has always gone out of his way to ensure the wellbeing of those around him. At tournaments, I always knew that I could count on Tom for advice, Excedrin, or to make me laugh – and my experience parallels that of so many other debaters. Tom’s approachability is precisely why I admire him so much – despite his foreboding role as NSD Director and the influence he has within the community, he always makes himself available and accessible for any debater in need. Whether it’s discussing the merits of Kantianism with an ambivalent debater, delivering pep talks, or giving out the best restaurant recommendations, Tom’s presence is one that the entirety of the community associates with integrity, humor, and erudition. I am so grateful to have known Tom for the past four years, and for all that he continues to do for the debate community as a whole.”

-Lindsey Perlman

Check us out on Friday to see who Tom passes the baton to!!

Jayanne Forrest