NSD Relays: Matt to Katherine

Monday was Daniel to Matt.

Today Matthew Chen passed the baton to Katherine Fennell:

“Meeting Katherine and getting to work with her at NSD, both when I was a student, and later as her co-lab leader, was one of the best parts of my last 2 years at NSD. Katherine was the one who first explained Weheliye to me and helped me work though 2NRs on the K, and attending her K tricks lecture before my senior year was one of the most productive things I did at NSD. Despite our entirely different styles of debate, we actually found out we thought very similarly about most arguments, and that shared way of thinking helped me understand and re-invent the way I approached a lot of critical arguments, both when I drilled with her before my senior year, and planned lab with her and Kris last year. Outside of debate, I enjoyed hanging out together, whether it was arm-wrestling in office hours or finding surprisingly good vegan food.”

Matthew Chen

Check us out on Friday to see who Katherine passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest