NSD Relays: Megan to Maya

On Monday, Ananta passed the baton to Megan…

On Wednesday, Megan Wu passed the baton to Maya Sanghavi:

“It’s easy to feel discouraged in an activity that places such a high premium on wins and losses, and to be personally affected by the results of a tournament, but I’m lucky to have friends like Maya who never let me go home after a tournament feeling upset or angry with myself. At Voices this October, I was distraught after losing a prelim round, but Maya spent an hour calming me down and reminding me that what I would value debate for is how much I learned and grew, not for winning and losing rounds. There have been so many other moments like this over the past year, like choosing to end debate on her terms and teaching at NSD despite only knowing a few people there, where Maya‘s resilience and determination to do what’s right has shone through. She’s an incredible friend and role model, and I’m so excited to spend this summer with her at NSD!”

– Megan Wu

Check back on Friday to see who Maya passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest