NSD Relays: Michael to Dino

On Monday, Varun passed the baton to Michael!

Pictured in the middle and far right are Michael and Dino, NSD Flagship 2017

On Wednesday, Michael Ning passed the baton to Dino De La O

“In my first week of NSD two years ago, our lab decided to order Chinese food for a lab dinner. Dino began eating his fortune cookie, before exclaiming that it tasted awful and going to spit it out in the trash. We were all concerned until we quickly realized that he had neglected to remove the paper fortune from the cookie before eating it, sending everyone into rapturous laughter.
Although he might not be familiar with the concept of a fortune cookie, since then, Dino has been an incredible mentor. His understanding of debate is deep, and his passion for what he does is infectious. People like him and my other lab leaders that summer, Katherine and Kris, showed me the impact that a teacher can have on a student and are a huge part of why I’m so excited to teach at NSD this summer!”

– Michael Ning

Check back on Friday to see who Dino passes the baton to!!

Jayanne Forrest