NSD Relays: Momo to Ari

Another week day, another relay! Monday was Sam to Momo…

Today, Muhammad Khattak passes the baton to Ari Azbel!

“Ari is my debate brother; since the beginning he was there, and I got to watch him grow into the young man I know him as today. One of the most fun memories I have with Ari is NSD the summer before my junior year. We worked endlessly together on learning Deleuze, religiously got DP Dough, and gave floor wars a name. I realized from experiences like these that Ari figured the best ways to make debate actively fun, and it’s great seeing that fun attitude translate to make all of debate fun – from pre-round prep our senior year to leading lab together at NSD last summer. Can’t wait to spend another with him and everyone else at NSD!”


Check us out on Friday to find out who Ari passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest