NSD Relays: Sam to Momo

Our chain is starting to get pretty long! Last week was Chris Castillo to Sam Azbel..

Today Sam passed the baton to Muhammad Khattak, better known as “Momo” :

I’ve got many great memories from my time in this activity, but one that stands out is Momo’s historic PF run at the Florida State Tournament. Momo and a friend (who has never before done any sort of organized debate) qualified to the state tournament and somehow made it to finals of the tourney, beating several TOC qualified teams. PF wasn’t ready for Momo, hence the loss in finals, but I remember the buzz of Momo making it to finals being hilariously legendary. Momo learned a valuable lesson that day: never read A-spec in a PF round.

Sam Azbel

Check us out on Wednesday to see who Momo passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest