NSD Relays: Tom to Ben

On Wednesday Lindsey passed the baton to Tom…

Ben Koh, photographed by Tom Evnen

Today, Tom Evnen passed the baton to Benjamin Koh!

“Ben Koh is an NSD veteran if anyone is — he has been teaching at NSD for as long as I have been associated with it, and for most of those years he has also been the director of NSD Philadelphia. Still, one of the reasons I look for Ben during my down time at camp is that he keeps debate and the stresses of camp in perspective, and it’s fun to do random non-debate things with him. I remember late night trips with him to Hard Times for vegan muffins. I also remember all the times he entrusted me with his camera equipment and we geeked out about photography. I think there are some embarrassing pictures of me lying on the ground outside the dorm taking photos of flowers with Ben’s camera; if I recall correctly, Ben took those pictures of me, and he then sent them to everyone I know. It’s also cool to see Ben work with students at camp because every year he ends up with a student “following”—kids who really get into the literature base that Ben likes, and who find their voice in debate by working on it with Ben. Ben is a great mentor for those students, and seeing him provide that mentorship is one of my favorite things at camp every year.”

– Tom Evnen

Check us out next week Monday to see who Ben passes the baton to!!

Jayanne Forrest