Author: Benjamin Koh

The Monetizing of Interscholastic Debate Competition by Dave McGinnis

The Monetizing of Interscholastic Debate Competition by Dave McGinnis Yesterday I received an email announcing the new “Victory Briefs Squads” program. Like “Debate Drills” before it (and Capitol Debate before that), “Squads” is basically a subscription service for coaching and membership in a club team. For kids who can afford it (and for those who receive some portion of an unspecified amount of financial aid that is available), “Squads” will provide groups of students with a quasi-team experience. The rise of privatized debate education has roughly tracked the push to privatize other public goods, including education generally. And while...

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Protected: 2018 Elective Interests

Welcome to NSD! We’re excited for you to join us this summer! In order to tailor the elective offerings to the needs of our students, we’ve created this form for you to express which potential elective will interest you. This is NOT an elective signup sheet. Instead, this will help us choose which electives to offer. Below are the potential elective offerings. Click “Yes” if you would be interested in attending. You may click “Yes” on as many or as few as you like. Below each offering is a space that says “Hover for Description,” where you can learn more about that elective. Ari and Sam Azbel: "The Azbel Charm: Perceptual Dominance and How to be a Savage in Cross Ex"YesHover for DescriptionAri Azbel, Muhammad Khattak, and Matthew Chen: The Perfect 2NR YesHover for DescriptionAri Azbel and Muhammad Khattak: How to LARP With Little Prep YesHover for DescriptionGrant Brown: Critical Interrogations: Arguing the One-Off KritikYesHover for DescriptionGrant Brown: Édouard Glissant: Postcolonialism, Anti-Blackness, and PoststructuralismYesHover for DescriptionGrant Brown: War Machines, Collective Equipment, and Ecosophy: Interrogating Politics and Society with Felix GuattariYesHover for DescriptionGrant Brown: Being Affirmative or: How I Learned to Love Losing the FlipYesHover for DescriptionGrant Brown: Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari: An Introduction YesHover for DescriptionAdam Brown: Beyond the Flow: Debating Representations and MethodsYesHover for DescriptionAdam Brown: Domination, Will, and Structure: An Introduction to Popular Theories of PowerYesHover for...

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The NSD Experience: Mentoring

Welcome to our series on the NSD experience. Here at NSD, we believe our curriculum offers students the opportunity to pursue their debate passions while fostering a comprehensive understanding of technical skills and academic scholarship via a myriad of different methods. In each of these articles, we will highlight an aspect of our curriculum from the view of both the instructors and students that have experienced it. For more information on the NSD pedagogy, check out our website at The Mentoring System West Des Moines Valley coach and NSD staff member Trent Gilbert: The mentoring experience at NSD...

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Intentional and Functional Models of Judging by JP Stuckert

Intentional and Functional Models of Judging Within academic and public spheres, government officials are often conceptualized in two different ways. On the one hand, a functional approach to these officials regards them in terms of their offices. That is, the title “Secretary of State” has a stable meaning and represents a “real” position which persists even as the person holding the office changes. On the other hand, an intentional approach to these officials focuses on the individual as an agent who makes concrete decisions with the powers she is granted by the social recognition of her title. In this...

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Welcome to the New NSD Update

The Bid List

  • Congratulations to everyone who bid at Badgerland, Scarsdale, and Cypress Bay! There are now thirty five debaters qualified to the TOC.... Read more →