Author: Benjamin Koh

The NSD 2016 Flagship Session Begins!

Minneapolis, MN- The National Symposium for Debate began its 2016 Flagship session at the University of Minnesota on Sunday, July 18th. Check out some photos from the first two days below and make sure to check us out on Facebook for updates throughout the 3...

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Aysha Hafiz Wins the 1st NSD Northeast Camp Tournament!

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania- Congratulations to Marie-Rose Sheinerman and Aysha Hafiz for reaching the final round of the NSD Northeast Camp Tournament! On a 5-0 decision, Aysha Hafiz was declared champion. Congratulations to all!   Quarterfinals (1) Aysha Hafiz def. (8) Stephen Alessandro (Thompson, Lee, *Wurm) (2) Marie-Rose Sheinerman def. (7) Mark Winokur (Thompson, Kenny, Pai) (3) Gabriel Manak def. (6) Emily Wang (Azbel, Kenny, Pai) (4) Nicole Gladstein def. (5) Katherine Wang (Zhou, Lee, Wurm)   Semifinals (1) Aysha Hafiz def. (4) Nicole Gladstein (Pai, Zhou, Wurm) (2) Marie-Rose Sheinerman def. (3) Gabriel Manak (Koh, Kenny, Lee)   Finals...

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Welcome to the New NSD Update

The Bid List

  • Congratulations to everyone who bid at USC! That marks the conclusion of the regular season. There are now seventy-seven debaters qualified... Read more →