Author: Benjamin Koh

The Art of Affirmation: Part 2 – Delivering the 1AR by Grant Brown

The Art of Affirmation: Part 2 – Delivering the 1AR By Grant Brown Introduction                   Much of the difficulty and fear individuals face when affirming is due to the dreaded first affirmative rebuttal. This speech is usually the lynchpin of the rest of the debate; if the 1AR goes wrong it’s time to pack it up and go home. This makes clear that the 1AR is an incredibly important speech to master, yet many debaters, some of whom are seasoned veterans, are unable to give adequate 1ARs consistently. This article, following a similar format to the first of the...

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Is Judging Good for You? by JP Stuckert

Is Judging Good for You? JP Stuckert I have, in recent posts, been trying to take up some of the questions involved in the claim that students benefit from participating in debate. These questions are, to a certain extent, familiar to us (though I hope to have made at least marginal progress toward addressing these questions in new ways). But one question which I have not heard seriously taken up before is what benefits judges may incur from judging debate rounds. Judges, of course, might be surprised to hear anyone suggest that they benefit from judging. When word spreads...

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Fiat and Radical Politics by Becca Traber

One striking trend in debate over the last few years is the pairing of an advocacy of radical, “kritikal” politics with a post-fiat policy option. In a “previous era,” the kritik was more uniformly opposed to policy making. Now, however, not only is it common to fiat when you are advocating radical or activist politics, it is also common to castigate debaters who are not. There are a lot of arguments about how any approach to radical politics that does not fiat a state action fails to prepare us for the real world of activism and is, essentially, intellectual...

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New Podcast! 20 Minutes in Top Lab with Tom and Becca Episode 1

NSD Top Lab Instructors Tom Evnen and Becca Traber are excited to launch “20 Minutes in Top Lab,” the newest podcast from the National Symposium for Debate. Each episode, Tom and Becca will discuss debate topics with an aim towards the national circuit; analyzing the contemporary debate issues of the day. On this episode, Tom and Becca discuss “Topical Version of the Aff” and the “Small Schools Argument” on Disclosure Theory. NSD 2018 Registration is open now at   Click here to...

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NSD 2018 Registration Now Open!

NSD 2018 registration is now open at NSD Flagship at the University of Minnesota: June 24-July 14 Executive Director: Tom Evnen Associate Director: Becca Traber NSD Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr College: July 15-July 28 Director: Benjamin Koh NSD Texas at the University of Houston: July 15-July 28 Directors: Chris Castillo and Jenn Melin NSD Public Forum at Bryn Mawr College: July 22-August 4 Director: Ben Kessler...

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Welcome to the New NSD Update

The Bid List

  • Congratulations to everyone who bid at Badgerland, Scarsdale, and Cypress Bay! There are now thirty five debaters qualified to the TOC.... Read more →