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What’s the Point of Advocacy Skills? by JP Stuckert

NSD 2018 Dates have been announced!  NSD Flagship at the University of Minnesota : June 24-July 14  NSD Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr College: July 15-July 28 NSD Texas:: July 15-July 28 NSD PF at Bryn Mawr College: July 22-August 4 It is common for debaters and coaches to justify or endorse the activity to others by speaking of “advocacy skills.” When I was debating for Strake Jesuit, our head coach, Mr. Jerry Crist, would often make the argument (both to freshmen who might join the team and, casually, to those of us who were already debating) that debate “teaches...

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Against Framework Ks by Dino De La O

Against Framework Ks By Dino De La O Introduction: This article draws a distinction between two types of Ks. The first, which I will call post-fiat Ks, critique the affirmative’s advocacy. The second, which I will call method Ks, critique the affirmative’s practices. It is not uncommon to see negative debaters read method Ks. Possible points of clash include using a specific representation or role playing as policy makers. One type of method K that has gained popularity is the “Framework K”.  These Ks argue that the affirmative’s framework is bad and they should be voted down for reading...

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The Art of Affirmation: Part 1- Preparing an Affirmative by Grant Brown

Introduction The structure of our activity has made being affirmative a terrifying prospect. For many, especially in important rounds, it resonates as a death sentence. Evidence in favor of this fear is quite substantial; there is a structural inequality of speech times, side-bias, robust prep-outs, and more, all of which favor the negative. As a result, nearly every elimination debate at major tournaments results in the winner of the flip choosing to negate.                   Yet, I still have a great deal of hope in the strategic value of affirming. During my career I consistently flipped affirmative. This included bid-rounds...

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Intro to K Strategy: The 2NR

Intro to K Strategy: The 2NR Katherine Fennell It is virtually impossible to go to a national circuit tournament in 2017 and not hear words like “racialized assemblage”, or “semiocapitalism”. With the increased popularity of critical literature, it is important for debaters to be able to execute strategic 2NRs. The goal of this article is to provide a general structure for 2NR strategy. This article does not address how to answer specific 1AR indicts to Ks, nor does it address under what conditions you should collapse to the K. Instead, I propose a way to start thinking about how...

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Does Debating Moral Issues Make You Moral? by JP Stuckert

Does Debating Moral Issues Make You Moral? JP Stuckert             We hear that LD debate is “values debate,” but what is the point of having a style of debate that differs from Policy or PF in this way? And what does this claim, which is often made in lay circuits and rounds, say to “circuit” debaters? One way of answering these questions is to consider whether debating moral issues makes students more moral . If this is the case, it could provide a justification to schools and parents with limited resources to devote time and money to LD; and...

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Welcome to the New NSD Update

The Bid List

  • Congratulations to everyone who bid at Dowling, University of Texas, Ridge, and Isidore Newman! There are now forty six debaters qualified to the... Read more →