Author: Grant Brown

West Broward’s Ethan Massa wins the Mid-America Cup at Valley

Congratulations to West Broward’s Ethan Massa for championing the 2018 Mid-America Cup at West Des Moines Valley. In finals, Ethan defeated Princeton’s Daniel Shahab Diaz on a 2-1 decision. Additional congratulations to Lake Highland’s Julia Wu for top speaker, collecting the infamous giant gavel as a result.   Full results can be viewed...

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Lake Highland’s Sachin Shah wins the Valley Round Robin, Walt Whitman’s Benjamin Waldman wins the Sophomore Throwdown

Congratulations to Lake Highland’s Sachin Shah for championing the 2018 Valley Round Robin. In finals, Sachin defeated American Heritage’s Robby Gillespie on a 2-1 decision. At the 2018 Sophomore Throwdown, Walt Whitman’s Benjamin Waldman was declared the champion. In finals, Benjamin defeated Lake Highland’s Abby Morris. Full results can be viewed...

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The 2018-2019 Bid List

Congratulations to everyone who bid at Bronx and St. Marks! There are now seventeen debaters qualified to the TOC.   Four Bids Rex Evans – Santa Monica (Greenhill, Valley, Voices, Bronx) Beckett Larcher – Lake Travis (Loyola, Greenhill, Valley, Bronx)   Three Bids Joshua Herrera – Strake Jesuit (Grapevine, Greenhill, Valley) Alexandra Mork – Harvard-Westlake (Loyola, Greenhill*, St. Marks) Kumail Zaidi – Oak Hall (Greenhill, Valley, Bronx) Saianurag Karavadi – Quarry Lane (Greenhill, Voices, Bronx)   Two Bids Gautam Iyer – Carroll (Grapevine, Greenhill) Sachin Shah – Lake Highland (Yale, Valley) Jason Chan – Arcadia (Loyola, Voices) Spencer Paul – Harvard-Westlake (Greenhill, St. Marks) Vishan Chaudhary – Harvard-Westlake (Greenhill, St. Marks) Samir Mohsin – Carroll (Grapevine, St. Marks) Ari Davidson – Harvard-Westlake (Greenhill, St. Marks) Anna Myers – Greenhill (Grapevine, St. Marks) Samantha McLoughlin – Harvard-Westlake (Greenhill, St. Marks) Jaya Nayar – Harvard-Westlake (Greenhill, St. Marks) Madeleine Conrad-Mogin – Immaculate Heart (Voices, St. Marks) Ethan Massa – West Broward (Valley, Bronx) Andrew Garber – Cambridge Rindge and Latin (Yale, Bronx) Animesh Joshi – West Des Moines Valley (Yale, Bronx) Ryan Younger – Brentwood (Loyola, Bronx) Benjamin Waldman – Walt Whitman (Yale, Bronx) Daniel Shahab Diaz – Princeton (Valley, Bronx)   One Bid Kavin Kumaravel – Dougherty Valley (Loyola) Ronak Ahuja – Halstrom (Loyola) Viren Abhyankar – Northwood (Loyola) Emma Blum – Brentwood (Loyola) Nehal Chigurupati – University School (University of...

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