Author: Grant Brown

Valley’s Animesh Joshi, Carly Reiger, and Conal Thomas-McGinnis Close Out Blue Key

Congratulation to West Des Moines Valley’s Animesh Joshi and Carly Reiger for closing out finals of the Florida Blue Key. In semifinals Carly walked over Conal Thomas-McGinnis and Animesh defeated Lake Highland’s Abby Morris on a 3-0. All four semifinals are NSD Alums and Abby has the special distinction of receiving a TOC bid at a Freshman!   Full results can be viewed here.   Picture courtesy of Benjamin Koh...

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Critical Problems: Going for the Kritik by Grant Brown

Critical Problems: Going for the Kritik By Grant Brown Introduction There is a serious problem in the current way kritikal arguments are utilized in Lincoln-Douglas debate. I have judged fifty-nine debates this year, counting camp tournaments, and approximately five had a solid 2NR on the K. Debates involving the K are troubled by a lack of explanation, extension, nuance, ability to collapse, and even debating. For example, it has become common to only extend a K if it is functionally dropped, using it to take out theory or outweigh the case, with little explanation of warrants or content. Or,...

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North Hollywood’s Jack Stern and Pennsbury’s Carolyn Zou Co-Champion Beltway

Congratulation’s to North Hollywood’s Jack Stern and Pennsbury’s Carolyn Zou for co-championing the Beltway Tournament! In semifinals they defeated Walt Whitman’s Camille Caldera (3-0) and Dallastown’s Emily White (2-1) respectively. Additional congratulation’s to Emily for being top speaker!   Full results can be viewed...

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