Author: Grant Brown

Millard North’s Tori Qiu Wins Dowling

Congratulations to Millard North’s Tori Qiu for championing the 2017 Dowling Catholic Paradigm. In finals Tori defeated Valley’s Lucas Bryant on a 2-1 (Noethe, Schappaugh, Jackson*). Additional congratulations to Valley’s Carly Rieger for top speaker!   Full results can be viewed...

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Newark’s Brianna Aaron Wins the Glenbrooks Round Robin

Congratulations to Newark’s Brianna Aaron for winning the 2017 Glenbrooks Round Robin! Ari Azbel and Ishan Bhatt placed second and third respectively. Congratulations to all three for achieving the same order of speaker awards as well. This is an incredible accomplishment for Brianna who also won the tournament proper a few days ago. Full results can be viewed here....

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