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NSDeep Week 2 submissions

Another round means more advice! Submit your response for this week’s NSDeep at the link below. Reminder: This not for strategy or coaching and we will post 3-5 responses on Friday. NO names or identifying information in your submission, please. Submit at the link below:...

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Spar of the Authors! Deleuze v Levinas

Welcome to the newest Saturday rumble: Spar of the Authors! This weekly post will be an author v author “debate” focusing on the main points of tension from each author’s philosophies. The purpose of this segment is to learn about two common authors in debate and explain how their works may clash. This first week’s “spar” is between Gilles Deleuze and Emmanuel Levinas. by guest author: Logan Reed   SUBSTANTIVE SPAR – Generic Ideal theory bad Liberalism bad (dump that most Deleuze debaters have)   Ideal theory/Liberalism good (may be the same or different) Levinas is ideal because he thinks we should still abstract, we should just abstract to the level of inter-social interaction Ontology > Ethics as a prior question. -Similar but slightly different response is “western metaphysics bad”   –       Ethics > Ontology may also implicate Levinas first   –       Universalizable theories good Levinas is problematic: mostly criticisms about racism and sexism, though there’s also a Disability K about ‘facing’ the other or standing being a link (not my favorite). These (other than disability) seem to link to his literature better than Kant’s (maybe not) Whatever responses available SUBSTANTIVE SPAR – Specifics Desire good   Affect gives better account of interaction with the other.   This can be tied in with ideal theory bad stuff (and can be read as an effective hijack)     The “interpersonal...

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NSDeep responses – week 1

Hello! Welcome to this week’s NSDeep, our new anonymous advice column! We got a high volume of submissions, so we picked 5 that are most representative. Just a reminder: A. these submissions are 100% anonymous B. this is not a column for strategic advice, teaching about authors, or coaching. How do I keep competing when losing makes me very depressed and I care too much about bids but am still bid-less? “If you’re holding on to the idea that winning is everything then that is a problem, because that cannot be the only goal. Through your own sense of self-compassion you can become your inner ally instead of your inner enemy. So, it’s about developing self-compassion; self-esteem and confidence aren’t it. Self-compassion is the ability to talk to yourself, just like you talk to a friend you believe in or care about. If you have this, you see that failure is a stepping stone and not something that defines you. This does not mean accept less than your best, but it is really about working towards your mission and vision for your goal. If your goal is to win the debate and get the bid, that’s okay. However, if you don’t, you have to withstand the disappointment rather than letting it destroy you because you want to have a rational perspective about yourself and your experience. Sometimes you’re going...

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Introducing NSDeep and a new poll!

Hello again! Today we are introducing our new anonymous advice column: NSDeep. Submit your questions below and we will respond to 3 submissions in a post on Friday! (No names or identifying information in your submission, please) Submit here: Also, check out our new poll on Facebook: Is Dark Deleuze actually Deleuzian? Comment why/why not. Can I Give You Some Advice? GIF from Someadvice...

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