Author: JP Stuckert

Scarsdale’s Zoe Ewing Wins the 2016 NSD Camp Tournament

Congratulations to Lake Highlands Muhammad Khattak and Scarsdale’s Zoe Ewing on making it to finals of the camp tournament. The decision was a 2-1 for the negative, Zoe (Castillo, Caldera, Shapiro*).   Double-Octafinals (1) David Min def. (32) Manasi Singh (Corder, Singh, Traber) (2) Xavier Roberts-Gaal def. (31) Charles Li (Bogaty, Erlanger, Zhou) (3) Gillian Zipursky def. (30) Richard Ma (Jeng, McCormick, Wright) (4) Zoe Ewing def. (29) Julia Wu (Caldera, Hu, Shapiro) (28) Animesh Joshi def. (5) Ari Azbel (Bogaty, De La O, Erlanger) (6) Richard Cook def. (27) Tori Qiu (Lau, Korn, Reyes) (7) Muhammad Khattak def. (26)...

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Topic Analysis for NSD Flagship

Almost every member of the staff member at NSD flagship and NSD Texas contributed to this topic analysis either directly or indirectly. Special shoutouts to Alex Yoakum, Carolyn Lau, Sean McCormick, Sophia Caldera, and Mark Gorthey for direct contributions and helping to organize everyone’s ideas. Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing. Introduction In 1949 Congress established national housing goals with the intention of shifting from the meager efforts to provide shelter for those most in need to a large-scale system which would ensure a standard of housing for all Americans. Unfortunately, from the perspective...

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