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Official 2016-2017 LD Topic List

1. Resolved: The United States ought to become party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. 2. Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers. 3. Resolved: A just government ought to prioritize civil liberties over national security. 4. Resolved: The United States ought to end its provision of arms to foreign insurgents. 5. Resolved: Public colleges and universities in the United States ought not restrict any constitutionally protected speech. 6. Resolved: The United States has a moral obligation to adopt a single payer health care system. 7. Resolved: The United States government...

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Nina Potischman wins the Harrison RR

Congrats to Hunter College’s Nina Potischman for defeating Newark Science’s Amit Kukreja on a 2-1 decision (Erlanger*, Pregasen, Kalinoski) to win the 2016 Harrison RR. Semis: Hunter College NP def. Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny) Newark Science AK def. Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) Finals: Hunter College NP (Nina Potischman) def. Newark Science AK (Amit Kukreja) Results can be found here: PODS: March Pod Cambridge – Paloma O’Connor Millburn – Wesley Hu Newark – Amit Kukreja Ridge – Neha Pai Success – Sekou Cisse April Pod Byram – Paul Erlanger Clements – Felix Tan Harrison – Raffi Piliero Newark...

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Penn RR Results

Congratulations to Penn RR Co-Champs: Millburn’s Wesley Hu and Lake Highland Prep’s Sreya Pinnamaneni. Sreya and Wesley won their pods with 6-2 and 7-1 ballot counts respectively. Also congrats to Byram Hills’s Paul Erlanger and Harrison’s Raffi Piliero for earning third and fourth place trophies respectively, both debaters had 5-3 ballot counts. Full results can be found...

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Valley’s Danielle Reyes Wins Harvard!

Congratulations to Valley’s Danielle Reyes for winning the 2016 Harvard Invitational. In finals, Danielle defeated Cambridge’s Oliver Sussman on a 2-1 decision (DeBois, Kim*, Stevens). Oliver is coached by Bob Overing and Mathew Pregasen, Danielle is coached by Isis Davis-Marks, Christian Tarsney, Leah Shapiro, and Dave McGinnis. Results: Triples (1) Crossroads NS def. (64) Strake Jesuit RB (Ryan Britton) (Adler, Azbel, Branse) (2) Oakwood JW def. (63) Ridge SK (Shankar Krishnan) (Stickna, Stubbs, Vashi) (3) Cambridge PO (62) Byram Hills JBr (Jack Briody) (Zhou, Durrani, O’Donohue) (4) Lake Highland NK def. (61) Dupont Manual XH (Xinlan Hu) (Lau, Shapiro, Stickna)...

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Welcome to the New NSD Update

The Bid List

  • Congratulations to everyone who bid at Badgerland, Scarsdale, and Cypress Bay! There are now thirty five debaters qualified to the TOC.... Read more →