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Newark’s Amit Kukreja wins the Newark Round Robin

Congratulations to Newark Science’s Amit Kukreja for winning the 2016 Newark Round Robin! In finals, Amit debated Success Academy’s Sekou Cisse on a 5-0 decision (Cerf,Gosain,Rung,Boussayoud, Curry). Amit is coached by Chris Randall and Jonathan Alston. Sekou is coached by Joshua Wurzman, Chris Vincent, and Carolyn Lau. More information about the Round Robin can be found here:...

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Shivane Wins Bronx!

Congratulations to Mission San Jose’s Shivane Sabharwal for defeating Harrison’s Sarah Ryan on a 3-2 decision to win the 2015 New York City Invitational (Traber, Pregasen, Azbel, Horowitz*, Nebel*)! Shivane is coached by Michael Harris and Tom Kadie. Sarah is coached by Chetan Hertzig, Christian Quiroz and Marshall Thompson. Full Results:...

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Newark’s Amit Kukreja Wins the Bronx Round Robin

Congratulations to Bronx Round Robin champion Amit Kukreja (9-3 in ballot count) and runner-up Achal Srinivasan (7-5 in ballot count). Amit Kukreja attends Newark Science High School and is coached by Jonathan Alston, Chris Randall and Dr. Tommy J. Curry. Achal attends Lexington High School and is coached by Sheryl Kaczmarek and Adam Tomasi. Results can be found here:...

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