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New Videos from TOC on NSD Videos

TOC Horse

Check out these new videos posted on NSD Videos from TOC. The first is Lexington’s Achal Srinivasan affirming against University School’s Jacob Ronkin in the run-off round: The second is Oakwood’s Jack Wareham affirming against Cambridge’s Oliver Sussman:

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Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele Takes TOC!

TOC Finals 2016

Congratulations to Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele for defeating Clements’ Felix Tan on a 2-1 decision (Castillo, Kymn*, M. Overing). Also congratulations to Oakwood’s Jack Wareham for making top speaker. Felix is coached by Akhil Jalan, Marshall Thompson, and Chris Theis. Full results of outrounds are posted below and a comprehensive spreadsheet covering …

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Live TOC Updates!


Congratulations to the following debaters for receiving speaker awards: Oakwood JW Lake Highland NK Millburn WH Hunter NP Greenhill VA Loyola AP Clements FT Strake Jesuit SM Mission San Jose SS Greehill BE Harvard Westlake NS Harvard Westlake CC Harrison KK Law Magnet DD Newark AK Heritage DM Millard North …

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Nina Potischman wins the Harrison RR


Congrats to Hunter College’s Nina Potischman for defeating Newark Science’s Amit Kukreja on a 2-1 decision (Erlanger*, Pregasen, Kalinoski) to win the 2016 Harrison RR. Semis: Hunter College NP def. Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny) Newark Science AK def. Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) Finals: Hunter College NP (Nina Potischman) def. …

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Penn RR Results


Congratulations to Penn RR Co-Champs: Millburn’s Wesley Hu and Lake Highland Prep’s Sreya Pinnamaneni. Sreya and Wesley won their pods with 6-2 and 7-1 ballot counts respectively. Also congrats to Byram Hills’s Paul Erlanger and Harrison’s Raffi Piliero for earning third and fourth place trophies respectively, both debaters had 5-3 …

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At Large Recipients Released


Congratulations to the following people for receiving at larges to the TOC: Apple Valley’s Prince Hyeamang Brentwood’s Jacob Reiter Byram Hills’ Alex Wurm Hawken’s Nicole Kastelic Interlake’s Alisa Liu Lake Highland’s Muhammad Khattak Lake Highland’s Rithvik Seela Lynbrook’s Varun Venkatesh Mission San Jose’s Prachi Bhike PV Peninsula’s Ishan Gaur Scarsdale’s …

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Valley Sophomore Throw-Down seeks nominations


March 10, 2016   Valley High School is seeking nominations of current 9th grade LD debaters for the 2016 Sophomore Throw-Down round robin. What is the Sophomore Throw-Down? Now in its sixth year, the Sophomore Throw-Down is the nation’s premier sophomores-only Lincoln-Douglas debate round robin. Our purpose is to provide …

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Stuyvesant’s Shannon Lee takes the Columbia Invitational


Congratulations to Stuyvesant’s Shannon Lee and Scarsdale’s Zoe Ewing for making it to finals of the Columbia Invitational. Shannon defeated Zoe on a 4-1 decision (Cancro, Pregasen, Mendes, Panchanadam, Li*). Shannon is coached by Paul Zhou and Julie Sheinman while Zoe is coached by Rahul Gosain, Joe Vaughan and Mark Gorthey.

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Valley’s Danielle Reyes Wins Harvard!


Congratulations to Valley’s Danielle Reyes for winning the 2016 Harvard Invitational. In finals, Danielle defeated Cambridge’s Oliver Sussman on a 2-1 decision (DeBois, Kim*, Stevens). Oliver is coached by Bob Overing and Mathew Pregasen, Danielle is coached by Isis Davis-Marks, Christian Tarsney, Leah Shapiro, and Dave McGinnis. Results: Triples (1) …

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NSD 2016 Initial Faculty Hires

nsd 2016 featuredi mage

Below is our first round of faculty announcements for NSD 2016! Additional faculty will be announced here in the near future. We endeavor to hold ourselves to a high standard of accuracy for the faculty that we have announced below: everyone we list has given us meaningful confirmation that they are …

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Greenhill’s Graham Baker Takes Emory

Emory Finalists

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Graham Baker and Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele for making it to finals of the Barkley Forum for High Schools at Emory University. Graham defeated Nick on a 3-2 decision (Malis, Bearden, Lingel, Boyd, Jordan). Graham is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, and Chris Randall while Nick is …

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Harvard Looking For Hired Judges


If you are interested in judging at the Harvard tournament this year (February 13th-15th), please send an email to: with the following information: Subject line: JUDGE FOR (event that you are interested in judging: CX, LD, PF, Congress) Name Email Cell Phone Number (and carrier, in case we need …

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