David Branse wins Harvard Snowpocalypse Edition


David Branse of University School is the champion of a Harvard Invitational that was abbreviated by yet another devastating northeast snowstorm. With the second day of competition canceled by the snow, Harvard broke to a full triple octo based on … Continued


Full Berkeley results: Newark Science closes out


UPDATE: Full Berkeley results Newark Science capped an amazing weekend with a three-student close out (Newark had 3 of the 4 semifinalists). On coach’s decision, Christian Quiroz advanced over Adegoke Fakorede in semis, while Sunhee Simon defeated Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert … Continued


Harvard and Berkeley Round Robin Fields

One of the most attended and most competitive weekends of the TOC season has arrived – the Harvard-Berkeley weekend. Both Harvard University and Cal-Berkeley will host not only fiercely competitive octofinal-bid tournaments in LD debate, but also two of the … Continued


PV Peninsula closes out Stanford


Stanford, CA Akhil Jalan and Arjun Tambe, of Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, closed out the final round of the 2015 Stanford Invitational. Congrats to both debaters. It has been a season of close-outs, suggesting a fiercely competitive Tournament of … Continued


Bennett Eckert of Greenhill Champs Colleyville


Colleyville, TX UPDATE: Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert is the champion of the 2015 edition of teh Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational. Congrats to Greenhill’s students and coaches, who are having an excellent month! Full results: OCTOFINALS Greenhill BE defeats Liberty Christian BS … Continued


Varad Agarwala of Greenhill is the Emory champion


Atlanta, GA Update: On a 4-1 decision, Varad Agarwala of Greenhill defeated Akhil Jalan of PV Peninsula to become the 2015 Emory champion. Congratulations to both debaters and their coaches!   NSD Update is pleased to find itself in sunny … Continued