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The 2016 Bid List (Harvard-Westlake, Lexington, Federal Way, University)


70 Debaters are now fully qualified. 53 debaters have one bid. Congratulations to Zoe Posner, Steve Goldware, Frances Zhuang, and Niko Battle for completing their quals! 9 Bids-  Raffi Piliero- Harrison (Greenhill, Valley, Bronx, Apple Valley, Scarsdale, Glenbrooks, Princeton, Newark, Harvard-Westlake)   7 Bids Jonas Le Barillec- Peninsula (Greenhill, Voices, St. Mark’s …

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Nov/Dec 2016 Released; Write Your Questions Below!


Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers. Next week- Hutt Up or Shut Up will be doing a Topic Analysis with the Associate Director of NSD, Terrence Lonam, and the Director of NSD Northeast, Ben Koh. Comment your questions below! They may be answered next …

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Announcing the NSD Update Podcast!


NSD Update is super excited to release the first episode of Hutt Up or Shut up brought to you by the National Symposium for Debate. This is a podcast hosted by NSD Staff Sam Azbel and Paul Zhou that will be released every two weeks and will concern debate news, …

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Byram Hills 2016 Round Robin Pods Released


Armonk, NY- Peter Cancro, Zach Frieden, and Sam Azbel have released the pods for the 2016 Byram Hills Round Robin taking place Friday, September 9th. Check them out below! Congratulations to all invited and good luck to those competing!   The Azbel Pod Sekou Cisse- Success Academy Aram Moghhaddassi- Syosset …

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Scarsdale’s Zoe Ewing Wins the 2016 NSD Camp Tournament

camp tournament finals

Congratulations to Lake Highlands Muhammad Khattak and Scarsdale’s Zoe Ewing on making it to finals of the camp tournament. The decision was a 2-1 for the negative, Zoe (Castillo, Caldera, Shapiro*).   Double-Octafinals (1) David Min def. (32) Manasi Singh (Corder, Singh, Traber) (2) Xavier Roberts-Gaal def. (31) Charles Li …

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Official 2016-2017 LD Topic List


1. Resolved: The United States ought to become party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. 2. Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers. 3. Resolved: A just government ought to prioritize civil liberties over national security. 4. Resolved: The United States ought …

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New Videos from TOC on NSD Videos

TOC Horse

Check out these new videos posted on NSD Videos from TOC. The first is Lexington’s Achal Srinivasan affirming against University School’s Jacob Ronkin in the run-off round: The second is Oakwood’s Jack Wareham affirming against Cambridge’s Oliver Sussman:

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Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele Takes TOC!

TOC Finals 2016

Congratulations to Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele for defeating Clements’ Felix Tan on a 2-1 decision (Castillo, Kymn*, M. Overing). Also congratulations to Oakwood’s Jack Wareham for making top speaker. Felix is coached by Akhil Jalan, Marshall Thompson, and Chris Theis. Full results of outrounds are posted below and a comprehensive spreadsheet covering …

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Live TOC Updates!


Congratulations to the following debaters for receiving speaker awards: Oakwood JW Lake Highland NK Millburn WH Hunter NP Greenhill VA Loyola AP Clements FT Strake Jesuit SM Mission San Jose SS Greehill BE Harvard Westlake NS Harvard Westlake CC Harrison KK Law Magnet DD Newark AK Heritage DM Millard North …

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Nina Potischman wins the Harrison RR


Congrats to Hunter College’s Nina Potischman for defeating Newark Science’s Amit Kukreja on a 2-1 decision (Erlanger*, Pregasen, Kalinoski) to win the 2016 Harrison RR. Semis: Hunter College NP def. Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny) Newark Science AK def. Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) Finals: Hunter College NP (Nina Potischman) def. …

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