At-Larges Announced 2014- 8 Confirmed So Far


Lexington, KY- The TOC will be releasing at-larges today. The coaches of those who have received at-larges will receive an email.       UPDATE: At-larges confirmed so far (unofficially). Taylor Amey- Bettendorf Rebecca Gelfer- Clements Ryan Teehan- Delbarton Julie … Continued


NSD 2013 Camp Resolution

The NSD camp topic will be Resolved: The United States ought to prioritize the pursuit of national security objectives above the digital privacy of its citizens. A note: Cases are not required before camp, but you may want to work … Continued


2013/2014 Potential LD Topics Released

2013-2014 LD Topic List 1. A just society ought to presume consent for organ procurement from the deceased. 2. A progressive income tax is more just than a flat income tax. 3. Compulsory inclusion of non-felons’ DNA in any government … Continued