This weekend, the Iowa Caucus debate tournament was held at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After three days of competition, Valley High School’s Moses Sloven and Jon Langel closed out the tournament. Jon and Moses are coached by Dave McGinnis, Alex Kramer, and Sophie Ruff.

This is the second year in a row that Valley has closed out the Iowa Caucus. In 2010, the co-champions were Anna Lyons and Moses Sloven.

Full elimination round results:

Partial Doubles

Ankeny GL advances without debating

Apple Valley JG advances without debating

Apple Valley LS advances without debating

St. Louis Park DC defeats Apple Valley MK (Miriam Kellberg)

Barrington EB defeats Iowa City DW (Drew Wilson)

Kent Denver SM advances without debating

Barrington IY defeats Park Hill South MB (Maisie Baldwin)

Kent Denver AW defeats St. Thomas Academy EW (Elizabeth Weir)

St. Thomas Academy MT advances without debating

St. Thomas Academy SD defeats Valley AZ (Alex Zhou)

St. Louis Park LS advances without debating

St. Louis Park RS advances without debating

Valley JL advances without debating

Valley JS advances without debating

Valley KB advances without debating

Valley MS advances without debating


St. Louis Park LS defeats St. Thomas Academy SD (Sean Doherty-Powell)

Kent Denver AW defeats Apple Valley JG (John Granlund)

Apple Valley LS defeats St. Louis Park DC (Dana Councilman)

Barrington IY defeats Ankeny GL (Grant Laverty)

Valley MS defeats Barrinton EB (Evan Blum)

Valley JL advances over Valley JS (Jason Smith)

St. Louis Park RS defeats Valley KB (Keegan Brown)

Kent Denver SM defeats St. Thomas Academy MT (Meagan Trayers)


St. Louis Park LS defeats Kent Denver SM (Sam Matthews)

St. Louis Park RS defeats Kent Denver AW (Alex Wissman)

Valley JL defeats Apple Valley LS (Luke Stuttgen)

Valley MS defeats Barrington IY (Ingrid Yin)


Valley MS defeats St. Louis Park LS (Leah Shapiro)

Valley JL defeats St. Louis Park RS (Richard Shmikler)


Valley JL (Jon Langel) and Valley MS (Moses Sloven)