James Callison Wins Alta

Congratulations to Kent Denver’s James Callison for defeating Lynbrook’s Dhruv Walia to win the Silver and Black Invitational. James is coached by Kurt Macdonald; Dhruv is coached by Todd Newkirk and Viveka Jagadeesan.


Bingham BJ def. Wood River GK (Gus Kimball)
Bingham TP Advances Without Debating
Brophy College SR Advances Without Debating
Loyola CW def. Centennial AG (Anna Goebel)
Sammamish EK def. Centennial SM (Sarah McDonagh)
Flintridge Sacred Heart MA Advances Without Debating
George Washington DL def. Torrey Pines AS (Achinthya Soordelu)
Harvard Westlake TC Advances Without Debating
Kent Denver JC Advances Without Debating
Logan DW def. Skyline (SLC) MZ (Michael Zhou)
Loyola CK def. Palo Alto MS (Marie Shaw)
Loyola CP def. Torrey Pines NA (Nada Al-Alusi)
Loyola MG Advances Without Debating
Lynbrook DW Advances Without Debating
Harvard Westlake JE def. Torrey Pines OG (Omar Gaidarov)
Wenatchee CS def. Centennial ZM (Zane Miller)


Harvard Westlake TC def. Logan DW (David Wooten)
Bingham BJ over Bingham TP (Thomas Phung)
Brophey College SR def. George Washington DL (David Lind)
Harvard Westlake JE def. Flintridge Sacred Heart MA (Monica Amestoy)
Kent Denver JC def. Loyola CW (Christian Welling)
Wenatchee CS def. Loyola CP (Christian Paz)
Loyola MG over Loyola CK (Chris Kymn)
Lynbrook DW def. Sammamish EK (Ella Kuzmenko)

Kent Denver JC def. Brophy College SR (Samir Reddy)
Harvard Westlake JE def. Bingham BJ (Bailey Janisch)
Harvard Westlake TC def. Wenatchee CS (Colton Smith)
Lynbrook DW def. Loyola MG (McKay Giller)

Kent Denver JC def. Harvard Westlake TC (Tommy Choi)
Lynbrook DW def. Harvard Westlake JE (Julie Engel)

Kent Denver JC def. Lynbrook DW (Dhruv Walia)

Kent Denver JC (James Callison)

  • Wow, just a sophomore! Good job, Dhruv. (He made me post this) Just kidding, we’re all genuinely proud of the kid. Great job to James too! Both of them worked really hard at VBI and truly deserve this success 🙂

  • BenjaminKoh

    Congrats to Dhruv on Finals, Chris and McKay on qualifying to the TOC, Monica and Welling on the bid rounds, and Christian Paz on the bid round and being 2nd speaker as a sophomore. Also a big congrats to my good friend James on the win despite trying to convince me before the tournament that he wasn’t even going to break.

  • Congrats to Dhruv for reaching finals at a quarters bid as a sophomore!

  • James!! Congrats!

  • Jumpin’ James struck gold! Congratulations!

  • Nicely done, James.

  • James Callison

    Just had to use that use this photo, didn’t you?

    • James Callison


  • Noah Thaler

    Chris Kymn with the #JLAB qual!