Daniel Tartakovsky Takes Greenhill Round Robin

Addison, TX–Congratulations to PV Peninsula’s Daniel Tartakovsky for defeating Greenhill’s Rebecca Kuang to win the Greenhill Round Robin. Daniel is coached by Samantha Weiss and Chris Theis; Rebecca is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, Jake Nebel, and Noah Star.

Finals: PV Peninsula DT d. Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang) 2-1 (Gravely, Tripe, Woods*)

Champion: PV Peninsula DT (Daniel Tartakovsky)

Yasmin Alaoui – Cypress Ridge (TX)
Travis Chen – Palo Alto (CA)
Jeremy Dang – Strake Jesuit (TX)
Danny DeBois – Harrison (NY)
Patty-Jane Geller – Harrison (NY)
Michael Harris – Loyola (CA)
Ed Hendrickson – Meadows (NV)
Jim Huang – New Orleans Jesuit (LA)
Rebecca Kuang – Greenhill (TX)
Morgan Lawson – Northland Christian (TX)
Sam Mathews – Kent Denver (CO)
Kathy Qiu – Hockaday (TX)
Daniel Tartakovsky – PV Peninsula (CA)
Brian Wiora – Greenhill (TX)
Allie Woodhouse – Winston Churchill (TX)
Henry Zhang – PV Peninsula (CA)

  • rkuang

    *also coached by the amazing Bekah Boyer
    and congrats dtar #TNT!!!! 🙂

  • Was this picture instagramed?

  • congrats guys <3 #tnt represent

  • RK’s got it right. always rock the perp, it’s a winner’s color.

  • Yasmin Alaoui deserves to go to this tournament and, anyone who disagree’s can shove it because not only does their opinion not matter here, but probably everywhere else in their life as well.

    • anonymous251

      take that everyone, Sam Von Heldmann doesnt think your opinion matters! u rlly showed them. all 100 of those downvotes are wrong

    • anonymous251

      im confused why this post has 4 upvotes

  • Jeremy Dang

  • This is going to be an excellent experience for everyone involved. Congrats to Yasmin on a well-deserved invitation! I’m glad to be representing you as a coach and judge! This is a very exciting way to break out on the national circuit! =D

    • I’m very confused as to why this comment has 19 dislikes.

  • Guest

    Looks like this tournament is going to maximize the utilities