Grant Laverty Wins Iowa High School Speech Association State Debate


This weekend, the first of Iowa’s two state tournaments is being held at the Ankeny campus of Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC.) This tournament is sponsored by the Iowa High School Speech Association, while the Iowa Forensic League will sponsor a second state contest in March.


Grant Laverty def. Moses Sloven (Grant affirmed.)


Valley Moses Sloven advances over Valley Lucy Korsakov

Ankeny Grant Laverty d. Okoboji Jack Ave


Valley Moses Sloven d. Indianola Bailey Young

Ankeny Grant Laverty d. Valley Colin Timmerman

Okoboji Jack Ave d. Valley Jason Smith

Valley Lucy Korsakov d. Iowa City Shecharya Flatte


17 MS (Moses Sloven) d. 45 KM (Kristina Maude)

21 GL (Grant Laverty) d. 45 BW (Becca Weires)

17 JS (Jason Smith) d. 21 AH (Abby Hofstadter)

17 LK (Lucy Korsakov) advances over 17 GS (Grady Stein)

28 SF (Shecharya Flatte) d. 17 NL (Nanticha Lutt)

11 JA (Jackson Ave) advances over  11. CE (Clare Eckard)

17 CT (Colin Timmerman) d. 35 AS (Abbie Shew)

47 BY (Bailey Young) d. 44 CK (Catherine Kalinowski)

Top Ten Speakers

1. Moses Sloven

2. Grant Laverty

3. Lucy Korsakov

4. Nanticha Lutt

5. Shecharya Flatte

6. Jason Smith

7. Grady Stein

8. Jackson Ave

9. Abbie Shew

10. Abby Hofstadter