Richard Shmikler Wins Blake


Minneapolis, MN – Congratulations to St. Louis Park’s Richard Shmikler for defeating West Des Moines Valley’s Lucy Korsakov to win the 2012 Blake Edie Holiday Classic. Richard is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney, and Geoffrey Kristof. Lucy is coached by Dave McGinnis, Alex Kramer, and Sophie Ruff.


WDM Valley LK Advances Without Debating

Loyola MH Advances Without Debating

Stuyvesant SH Advances Without Debating

3-0 Bronx Science DM (Aff) def. Harvard-Westlake AS (Andrew Sohn) (L. Scoggin, McClung, Bentley)

2-1 Walt Whitman SC def. Robbinsdale Cooper CS (Celisia Stanton) (L. Scoggin, McClung, *McGinnis)

Harvard-Westlake SH def. Hockaday CN (Chloe Naguib) (Massey, Ricard, He)

Loyola NF def. Eagan NG (Nurullah Goren) (Massey, Ricard, Juang)

Robbinsdale Armstrong AU def. Scarsdale JA (Josh Annex) (Weisberg, Tablan, Pak)

3-0 Harvard-Westlake MO (Aff) def. Saint Thomas Academy EP (Elliot Polsky) (Weisberg, Theis, Smith)

WDM Valley JS Advances Without Debating

Lexington AH Advances Without Debating

Bronx Science ZR def. Scarsdale AY (Adam Young) (Noble, Palmer, Theis)

Ankeny NS def. Evanston ED (Emanuel Dallas) (Noble, Palmer, Pak)

Harvard-Westlake AK Advances Without Debating

WDM Valley MN def. Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty) (Thompson, Scoggin, Ahlstrom)

3-0 Greenhill BW def. Bronx Science GM (Griffin Miller) (Gans, Viera, Saker)

2-1 Bronx Science SS def. Stuyvesant SV (Sweyn Venderbush) (Baker, Astacio, Shew*)

3-0 Walt Whitman DM (Aff) def. Loyola CP (Christian Paz) (Baker, Wang, Ahlstrom)

Harvard-Westlake TC def. Bronx Science TB (Thomas Berruti) (Keohane, Viera, Martinez)

Loyola CK def. Harvard-Westlake WG (William Gingold) (Singh, Tablan, He)

La Jolla RP def. Eastside Catholic MA (Michael Abraham) (Tarsney, Singh, McGinnis)

Okoboji JA def. La Costa Canyon BC (Brennan Caruthers) (Tarsney, Thompson, Martinez)

SLP RS (Aff) def. Hockaday SZ (Shirley Zhang) (Zavislan, Eastlund, Holliday)

Lakeville North JY def. Eagan RL Ryan Lowder) (Zavislan, Astacio, Holliday)

3-0 Walt Whitman JL (Neg) def. Hockaday AH (Anne-Marie Hwang) (Smith, Lewis, Wang)

WDM Valley GiSc def. Appleton East HS (A) JA (John Ahn) (Lewis, Scoggin, Shew)

Apple Valley MK def. Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald) (Gans, Tripathy, Cambell)

WDM Valley GrSt def. Sioux Falls Lincoln DM (David Mikhayelyan) (Keohane, Tripathy, Cambell)

Lakeville North SA def. Hockaday LU (Lakshmi Uppalapati) (Ruff, Magyar, Juang)

Needham MG def. Hopkins MB (Mia Berman) (Ruff, Magyar, Eastlund)

Stoneman Douglas JG def. Lexington PC (Preetham Chippada) (Cowger, Zhu, Switala)

3-0 (Aff) Ankeny GL def. Walt Whitman NK (Nathaniel Korn) (Cowger, Zhu, Switala)


2-1 Loyola MH (Neg) def. Greenhill BW (Brian Wiora) (McClung, *Ricard, Tripathy)

3-0 Bronx ZR (Aff) def. Loyola NF (Nick Froelich) (Ricard, Cowger, Palmer)

3-0 WDM Valley LK def. Ankeny NS (Natasha Stewart) (Smith, Magyar, Zavislan)

3-0 WDM Valley MN (Neg) def. Robbinsdale Armstrong AU (Andrew Urevig) (Smith, Thompson, Magyar)

Loyola CK def. Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom) (Tarsney, Palmer, Ruff)

Harvard-Westlake SH def. Apple Valley MK (Miriam Kelberg) (Lewis, Switala, Singh)

Bronx Science SS def. Lakeville North JY (Josh You) (Cowger, Noble, Cowger)

Lakeville North SA def. Walt Whitman SC (Sophia Caldera) (Keohane, J Scoggin, Wang)

Harvard-Westlake AK def. WDM Valley GrSt (Grady Stein) (Baker, Theis, Switala)

3-0 La Jolla RP def. WDM Valley GiSc (Gina Scorpiniti) (Gans, Massey, J Scoggin)

Stoneman Douglas JG def. Bronx Science DM (Daiya Massac) (Gans, Massey, Martinez)

Harvard-Westlake TC over Harvard-Westlake MO (Michael O’Krent)

WDM Valley JS def. Ankeny GL (Grant Laverty) (Weisberg, Eastlund, Martinez)

3-0 Walt Whitman JL def. Okoboji JA (Jackson Ave) (Weisberg, Zhu, Tarsney)

3-0 Lexington AH (Aff) def. Needham MG (Matt Goldberg) (L Scoggin, Zhu, Tablan)

3-0 St. Louis Park RS (Neg) def. Walt Whitman DM (Daisy Massey) (Zavislan, L Scoggin, Ruff)


2-1 St. Louis Park RS (Aff) def. Bronx Science SS (Shai Szulanski) (Theis, Keohane, *Charrier)

Harvard-Westlake AK over Harvard Westlake SH (Shelby Heitner)

2-1 Walt Whitman JL (Aff) def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) (Lewis, McGinnis, *J Scoggin)

3-0 Lexington AH def. Lakeville North SA (Sam Anderson) (Noble, Palmer, Wang)

2-1 Loyola CK def. Harvard-Westlake TC (Tommy Choi) (Ruff, Switala, *Astacio)

2-1 WDM Valley MN def. Loyola MH (Michael Harris) (Weisberg, *Tripathy, Pak)

2-1 WDM Valley JS def. Stoneman Douglas JG (Jeffrey Greenberg) (McClung, Tablan, *Gans)

3-0 WDM Valley LK (Neg) def. Bronx Science ZR (Zeke Rosenberg) (Massey, Thompson, Cowger)


2-1 Harvard-Westlake AK def. Loyola CK (Ruff, Lewis, *Massey)

2-1 St. Louis Park RS (Aff) def. Lexington AH (Tripathy, Noble, *Thompson)

2-1 WDM Valley JS (Neg) def. Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy) (J Scoggin, Weisberg, *Cowger)

WDM Valley LK v.  WDM Valley MN


2-1 St. Louis Park RS (Aff) def Harvard Westlake AK (Annie Kors) (Noble, *Astacio, Weisberg)

WDM Valley LK over WDM Valley JS


2-1 St. Louis Park RS (Aff) def. WDM Valley LK (Tripathy, *Astacio, Thompson)


  • Congrats to Richard for winning his second bid tournament in a row and proving yet again that he can affirm his way through outrounds (with the exception of doubles this time). Lucy, Megan, and Jason also deserve serious recognition for dominating prelims and outrounds. #valleyheartbreakers (am I doing this right?)

  • What a couple of QTs in that picture

  • I’m really upset that the finalist photo wasn’t the one with the creepy reflection of Dave on the trophies… that picture was a gem.

    • anon222222


  • Erik Baker

    Richard was also assisted at the tournament by Swag Consultant Erik Baker.

  • congrats to lucy, jason, megan and the entire valley crew and coaching staff for dominating elims, and to shmik for winning his second bid tournament in as many weeks! great finalist photo, too; who was the cameraperson?

  • More triples:

    SLP RS Over Hockaday SZ (Zavislan, Eastlund, Holliday)

    Lakeville North JY over Eagan RL (Zavislan, Astacio, Holliday)

    Okaboji JA over La Costa Canyon BC (Tarsney, Thompson, Martinez*)