Houston, TX–Congratulations to Marcus High School’s Michael Harris for defeating Kinkaid’s John Lewis to win Memorial. Thanks to Jared Woods for covering the tournament. If you have additional elim results, please comment.

Kinkaid JL def. Cedar Ridge SD 3-0 (Davidson, Hollis, Imas
Dulles JW def. Clear Brook AR 3-0 (Davidson, Hollis, Imas)
Stony Point RA def. Clear Brook IM 2-1 (Kerlegon, Koshak, *Lewis)
Cypress Woods JD def. Katy Taylor NY 3-0 (Kerlegon, Lewis, McGee)
Marcus MH def. Klein DT 2-1 (Woods, Wynn, *Beane)
Strake Jesuit AT def. Cypress Falls NS 3-0 (Beane, Woods, Wynn)
Westwood AG def. Reagan CW 2-1 (Butler, Kalla, *Harris)
Cypress Woods GJ def. Clear Brook RS 3-0 (Butler, Harris, Kalla)

Marcus MH def. Cypress Woods JD (Jordan Durrani) 2-1 (Colling, Wynn, *Lewis)
Kinkaid JL def. Cypress Woods GJ (Grant James) 2-1 (Castillo, Koshak, *Imas)
Strake AT def. Stony Point RA (Rainier Ababao) 2-1 (Woods, Wynn, *Lewis)
Dulles JW def. Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra) 2-1 (Imas, Koshak, *Castillo)

Marcus MH def. Dulles JW (Jonathan Wei)
Kinkaid JL def. Strake AT (Alberto Tohme)

Finals (bid):
Marcus MH def. Kinkaid JL (John Lewis) 3-0 (Woods, Koshak, Lewis)

Marcus MH (Michael Harris)