Gabe Bronshteyn Wins NFL Nationals

INDIANAPOLIS, IN– Congratulations to Monte Vista Danville’s Gabe Bronshteyn for defeating Jackson High School’s Brandon Mader on a 7-4 decision to win the 2012 National Forensic League Lincoln-Douglas Championship.

Finals, Round 16:
Monte Vista Danville GB (neg) def. Jackson High School BM (Brandon Mader) 7-4 (McGinnis, *Robertson, ?, ?, ?…)

1st Place: Monte Vista Danville GB (Gabe Bronshteyn)
2nd Place: Jackson High School BM (Brandon Mader) – auto-qualifies to 2013 NFL Nationals

Round 15 results:
Montville DD (L112) v Jackson BM (L338)
Bellarmine MD (L135) v Monte Vista GB (L122)

Out as of round 15:
3rd place: Montville DD (Deep Dheri) – semifinalist at 2012 NCFL and NFL, losing both decisions on 3-2s
4th place: Bellarmine MD (Matt DeLateur)

Round 14 Results:
Jackson BM (Brandon Maden) def. Brentwood KAN (Kyle Allen-Niesen) 4-1
Montville DD (Deep Dheri) def. Monte Vista Danville GB (Gabe Bronshteyn) 4-1
Matt DeLateur- Bellarmine byes

Out as of Round 14:
5th place: Brentwood KAN (Kyle Allen-Niesen)

Out as of Round 13:
6th place: Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews) – auto-qualifies to 2013 NFL Nationals
7th place: Cypress Woods TJ (Ty Joplin)
8th place: Raytown South GP (Garrett Poorman)
9th place: Lincoln SD (Sarah DiMagno) – auto-qualifies to 2013 NFL Nationals

Out as of Round 12
10th place: Tyler Hays – Neosho
t-11th: Hawken AD (Anirudh Dasarthy)
t-11th: Bishop Kelley AY (Alex Yozzo)
t-11th: Wichita East DS (Derek Standlee)
14th place: Brebeuf Jesuit ME (Michael Ebmeier)
15th place: Fargo Shanley BJ (Brett Johnson)

Competitors that placed 7-14 should report to the Indianapolis Convention Center in tournament attire. They will receive their trophies following the conclusion of LD finals.

  • Anonymous

    VBI kid doesn’t win…VBD doesn’t provide results. sorry gabe! 

  • Was Gabe aff or neg?

  • Anonymous

    Gabe Bronshteyn won on a 7-4

  • Good luck, Matt.  I told you.  

  • Rebar Niemi