Nov/Dec Topic: Health Care

The NFL has announced the new topic for November/December. It is Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee universal health care for its citizens.

  • This sounds a lot like a September/October topic from 2006. I remember running a neg case that I realize now was little more than a PIC out of convicted murderers.

  • Lifer at Law

    Hello Everyone,

    First, I would like to extend a warm congratulations to
    Daniel on winning the Greenhill Fall Classic, and of course as well to his
    coach Chris Theis, the person I’m sure (or at least I hope for Daniel’s sake)
    cut the majority of his debaters’ evidence for Greenhill. I especially enjoyed listening to the PVPen
    ICC CP with horribly miscut evidence (if you haven’t heard about that one yet,
    look at Jacob Nails’s Facebook wall).
    This cheating should come as no surprise, though.

    I’d like to remind you that the two-time TOC “champion” is
    far from an ethical person. He
    miscut numerous cards on the Jan/Feb topic last year, which is independently
    confirmed by multiple sources.
    More importantly though, it seems to me that many people have forgotten
    the reason why this card-creator won the TOC a second time. Mr. Theis ended the careers of JP
    Gooderham, Paul Tyger, and Jake Nebel with a piece of blatantly miscut,
    fabricated evidence. Check the old
    forums if you don’t believe me (if Theis’s cronies haven’t taken them all down
    by now). This was confirmed by
    Nebel and Conrad at UNT that summer when Theis’s evidence sounded too good to
    be true because it was. It baffles me that this cheater is allowed to coach in
    a supposedly educational activity.

    If you don’t already think Theis is the world’s biggest
    hypocrite, there’s more. At
    Greenhill his debaters allegedly repeatedly approached Greenhill students and
    reported disclosure violations of other debaters, while shamelessly breaking
    the rules themselves.

    What makes this even worse is that Mr. Theis claims to be a
    staunch advocate of such things as “advocacy skills.” He’s trying to convince everyone else to buy in to his
    bullshit ideals about debate simply to break the rules he’s creating, give his
    team an edge, and make stupid Twitter posts to Bietz.

    Chris has been cheating and exploiting the community for
    years. Someone needs to stop
    him. This information must be
    spread. It’s absurd that this
    cheater has been revered in the activity like some sort of god for as long as
    he has. As debaters, especially
    debaters with similar views to those Chris falsely claims to hold, we claim we
    should set good norms. Let’s set a
    great norm and ostracize this cheater from the community.


    Lifer at Law

    • Not the forum for that stuff man. I would discourage any rule violations as much as the next person, but Chris isn’t here to defend himself. Nor is it appropriate to post this on a place where kids go to learn about the topic and read tournament updates. C’mon now, this isn’t cheerleading.

    • Don’t be an ass, kid.

    • Chris Theis

      To the debate community at large: This is ridiculous. I have NEVER miscut any card in my life–I personally write all of my own evidence. That’s why you can’t find the cards in the articles! Actually, I think fabricating evidence is great for advocacy skills because we get to create our own opinions, rather than suck the author’s dick. It’s also great for fairness because it explodes topic lit–you can literally find (I mean write) anything you want.

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  • Rebar Niemi


    also what does universal mean… Dave?

    • the actual words of the topic don’t matter as long as you can read skep

    • Also, I definitely thought this said “RETARDS” instead of “RETREADS” at first glance.

  • Mathew Pregasen

    Minneapple 2 days before the election? I see where this is gonna go….

    • Congress isn’t in session on the weekends so ptx only apply on Friday

      • Mathew Pregasen

        True. Also i think in the past there was some policy CP that said people don’t watch news on Friday, in which the politics DA will have no effect lol

        • It’s called a Stealth-Friday CP, a type of delay CP that postpones plan (and thus ballot) action until the upcoming Friday. The premise is that passage on Friday insulates it from the 24-hr news cycle and doesn’t impact Political Capital.

  • Thoughts?

    • Rebar Niemi

      is snorting crank covered by universal health care?

      • Rebar Niemi

        am i a citizen?

  • Cypher19

    And not a single fuck was given.