Rebecca Kuang Wins The Glenbrooks

Glenview, IL–Congratulations to the Greenhill School’s Rebecca Kuang for defeating Palos Verdes Peninsula’s Henry Zhang to win The Glenbrooks. Rebecca is by coached Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, Jake Nebel, Noah Star and Lyall Stuart; Henry is coached by Sam Weiss and Chris Theis.

For prelims results, see warm room:

Double Octafinals:
SLP RS def. Valley MN (Megan Nubel)
New Orleans Jesuit JH def. Loyola CK (Chris Kymn)
Harrison DD def. Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman)
Loyola MH def. PV Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan)
Meadows EH def. Scarsdale GR (Grant Reiter)
Kent Denver SM def. Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn)
Valley JS def. Scarsdale SN (Sam Natbony)
Lexington AH def. Pflugerville TH (Tillman Huett)
PV Peninsula def. Bronx Science ZR (Zeke Rosenberg)
La Jolla RP def. Whitman DM (Daisy Massey)
CESJDS EL def. Harker PR (Pranav Reddy)
Greenhill RK def. Cypress Bay RS (Robbie Steirn)
Lexington JC def. Lake Highland TL (Terrence Lonam)
PV Peninsula DT def. Millburn YY (Yang Yi)
Strake JD def. Hockaday KQ (Kathy Qiu)
Brentwood AG def. Strake SS (Steffen Seitz)

New Orleans Jesuit JH def. Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)
Greenhill RK def. CESJDS EL (Elana Leone)
Loyola MH def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad)
Meadows EH def. Lexington AH (Adam Hoffman)
PV Pen DT def. SLP RS (Richard Shmikler)
WDM-Valley JS def. Brentwood AG (Andrew Glantz)
PV Pen HZ def. Lex JC (Jerry Chen)
Strake JD def. Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews)

PV Peninsula HZ def. Loyola MH (Michael Harris)
PV Peninsula DT def. Meadows EH (Ed Hendrickson)
Greenhill RK def. NO Jesuit JH (Jim Huang)
Strake JD def. WDM-Valley JS (Jason Smith)

PV Peninsula HZ over PV Peninsula DT (Daniel Tartakovsky)
Greenhill RK (neg) def. Strake JD (Jeremy Dang) 3-0 (Legried, ZParker, Rutter)

Greenhill RK (neg) def. PV Peninsula HZ (Henry Zhang) 3-0 (Castillo, Legried, Sims)

Champion: Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)

Top Speakers:
20. CESJDS EL (Elana Leone)
19. Harvard Westlake MO (Michael Okrent)
18. Strake SS (Steffen Seitz)
17. Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)
16. Scarsdale SN (Sam Natbony)
15. Lake Highland TL (Terrence Lonam)
14. Millburn YY (Yang Yi)
13. Scarsdale GR (Grant Reiter)
12. Harvard Westlake AK (Annie Kors)
11. Loyola MH (Michael Harris)
10. Hockaday KQ (Kathy Qiu)
9. Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)
8. Strake JD (Jeremy Dang)
7. NO Jesuit JH (Jim Huang)
6. PV Peninsula DT (Daniel Tartakovsky)
5. PV Peninsula HZ (Henry Zhang)
4. SLP RS (Richard Shmikler)
3. Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews)
2. Lexington JC (Jerry Chen)
1. Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman)

  • congrats to jake steirn for clearing as a freshman!

    • Rebar Niemi

      jake steirn legit.

  • Adam Hoffman

    Massive congrats to everynoe receiving bids/speaker awards, but especially to my teammate Jerry Chen for a dominant performance, taking 2nd speaker overall and receiving his 1st bid this year. His first ever speaker award at a regular season tournament, and it’s the glenbrooks. Awesome job!

    • Guest

      also congrats to his twin Jeremy Chen on octofinals, what a great showing from the Chen brothers this weekend!

  • lexington jc (jerry* chen)

  • Congrats to Rebecca, Mr. Timmons, Mr. Forslund, and the rest of Greenhill for a historic weekend! Taking home championships in LD, CX, and JV CX at the Glenbrooks is a testament to a great group of debaters and coaches. Good work!