Presentation Hosts Voices Invitational and Round Robin


This October 5-8 Presentation High School will host the first ever Voices Foundation Invitational LD debate tournament in conjunction with the return of the Voices LD Round Robin.
The Voices Foundation was established to help make high school debate accessible to all students, regardless of financial circumstance. The Foundation strives to address shortfalls of resources and support that impede participation by financially disadvantaged individuals and teams through educational programs, outreach efforts to high schools and middle schools , and scholarships for summer camp, tournaments, and coaching.

The Foundation relies heavily on the input and volunteer effort of current and recent high school student debaters and coaches to identify needs and participate in strategies for addressing them.  Support from tournaments such as the Voices Round Robin, the Glenbrooks, through their annual Dodgeball fundraiser, and the Friends of Valley Debate has been influential in funding and promoting the Foundation’s efforts.  Since 2007 Voices has provided financial assistance for over one hundred students to attend tournaments and summer institutes.

The goal of the tournament is to raise $10-15k for the Voices Foundation. Even if you cannot attend there are ways to take part in the event. Donations are welcome and discounted or donated judging is needed. Every dollar saved is another dollar that goes to help another student get more out of the activity.
The tournament has been designated a semi-finals bid to the TOC for LD. Registration is open and filling fast –
  • sjadler

    I unfortunately can’t attend, but I plan on making a donation to
    Voices, and I encourage others to do the same. I know from some students I
    coach how important the organization is in promoting debate for people trying
    to start out on the national circuit, and it’s important that we adequately fund Voices to keep it around.

    I spoke with Dan Meyers, and he says the best way to make a donation is to mail a
    check to

    “Presentation High School
    C/O Dan Meyers
    2281 Plummer Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125”

    specifying that the donation is in conjunction with the debate tournament they are hosting. That way, the donation will be matched by some outside donors as well, who have generously agreed to help fundraise for the effort. (You can follow up with Dan specifically if those directions don’t work for you for whatever reason.)

    Another option for people in the area might be to volunteer judging/coaching for a student at the tournament for free. Donating your time is a terrific option, too, and I’m glad to hear that some people like Jay Bhatnagar have already volunteered to do
    that. Voices definitely deserves any support it can get.