Joseph Millman Takes Princeton

Princeton, NJ–In a rematch of last year’s Princeton Classic final round, Carpe Diem’s Joseph Millman, a homeschooled debater, avenged his 2011 2nd place finish and defeated Millburn’s Yang Yi on a unanimous decision. Larry Liu coaches both debaters, and Yang is also coached by Regan Grishaber.

Partial Triples
22. Scarsdale CB def. 43. Half Hallow Hills RM (Rachel Maiman) 3-0 (Ashman, Liao, Hertzig)
42. Ridge AR def. 23. Harrison PG (Patty-Jane Geller) 2-1 (Haughton, Murayama, *Cumming)
24. Bronx DM def. 41. Monticello DT (Dustin Thomas) 2-1 (*Chen, Nebel, Moorin)
25. Regis RM def. 40. La Salle RG (Robert Gormisky) 2-1 2-1 (*Astacio, Elsetty, Martucci)
26. Berkeley Carroll CH 39. Bridgewater GC (Grace Chen) 2-1 (Hassin, *Olivieri, Ye)
27. Needham MG def. 38. Christopher Columbus NA (Nick Anderson) 3-0 (Bendi, Davis, Meyers)
28. Hunter RH over 37. Hunter JG (Jacob Gichan)
29. Berkeley Carroll CS def. 36. Ridge YK (Yana Kropotova) 2-1 (Horwitz, Paris, *Quirch)
35. La Salle DS def. 30. Ridge JW (Jack Wilson) 3-0 (Dusaj, Joplin, King)
31. Bronx TB def. 34. Hunter BL (Ben Laufer) 2-1 (Dheri, Drucker, *Ramankutty)
33. Byram JS def. 32. Randolph NC (Nathan Cha) 3-0 (Bloch, Ross, Saney)

1. Millburn YY def. 33. Byram Hills JS (Josh Spingarn) 2-1 (Drucker, Dusaj, *Quirch)
2. Byram Hills JA def. Bronx TB (Thomas Berruti) 3-0 (Cumming, Moorin, Nebel)
3. Timothy Christian AM def. La Salle DS (Daniel Spinelli) 2-1 (Joplin, Liao, Rao)
4. Harrison DD def. Berkeley Carroll CS (Charles Sherman) (3-0 (Astacio, Dheri, Murayama)
5. Cardozo SC def. 28. Hunter RH (Rebecca Heilweil) 3-0 (Overing, Ramankutty, Ross)
6. Fordham DJ def. 27. Needham MG (Matt Goldberg) 2-1 (Bloch, Davis, *Elisetty)
26. Berkeley Carroll CH def. 7. Scarsdale LM (Larry Milstein) 2-1 (*Chen, Hassin, Ye)
25. Regis RM def. 8. Montville RU (Rahul Upadhya) 3-0 (Hertzig, Paris, Olivieri)
24. Bronx DM def. 9. Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene) 2-1 (Choi, Hassin, *King)
10. Carpe Diem JM def. 23. Ridge AR (Avani Rao) 3-0 (Cumming, Dheri, Hertzig)
22. Scarsdale CB def. 11. Millburn SM (Shiv Malhotra) 2-1 (*Chen, Elisetty, Liao)
12. Bronx ZR def. 21. Hunter AM (Alberto Malaney) (Bloch, Nebel, Olivieri)
20. Stuyvesant SH def. 13. Monticello PC (Peter Chocolate) 3-0 (Astacio, Meyers, Overing)
19. Hunter DL def. 14. Pingry AK (Amol Kapoor) 3-0 (Davis, Hertzig, Ramankutty)
18. Scarsdale SF def. 15. Bronx SG (Sam Goree) 2-1 (Dusaj, Tkachuk, *Quirch)
17. Ridge AM def. 16. Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler) 2-1 (*Drucker, Moorin, Ross)

1. Millburn YY def. 17. Ridge AM 3-0 (Cumming, Elisetty, Meyers)
18. Scarsdale SF def. 2. Byram JA (Josh Altman) 2-1 (King, Moore, *Davis)
3. Timothy Christian AM def. 19. Hunter DL (Danny Li) 2-1 (Hassin, Hertzig, *Saney)
4. Harrison DD def. 20. Stuyvesant SH (Sam Hom) 2-1 (Dheri, Nebel, *Ortiz)
12. Bronx ZR def. 5. Cardozo SC 2-1 (Astacio, Murayama, *Overing)
6. Fordham DJ def. 22. Scarsdale CB 3-0 (Davis, Dusaj, Ross)
10. Carpe Diem JM def. 26. Berkeley Carroll CH (Corbin Hopper) 3-0 (Chen, Hastings, Haughton)
8. Regis RM def. 24. Bronx DM (Daiya Massac) 2-1 (Aguirre, Bloch, Ramankutty)

1. Millburn YY def. 8. Regis RM (Ryan McElvoy) 3-0
10. Carpe Diem def. 18. Scarsdale SF (Steven Friedman) 3-0 (Dusaj, Hassin, Hertzig)
6. Fordham DJ def. 3. Timothy Christian AM (Andrew Meleta)
12. Bronx ZR def. 4. Harrison DD 2-1 (Nebel, *Bloch)

1. Millburn YY def. 12. Bronx ZR (Zeke Rosenberg) 2-1 (Astacio, Cumming, *Olivieri)
10. Carpe Diem JM def. 6. Fordham DJ (David Joannides) 2-1 (Hassin, *Murayama, Nebel)

10. Carpe Diem JM (Aff) def. 1. Millburn YY (Yang Yi) 3-0 (Murayama, Nebel, Ramankutty)

Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman)

  • Griffin Miller

    Congrats to Zeke for getting the qual! Congrats to Sam, Thomas and Daiya for breaking! Also, shouts out to my man Joe Harari for being 2nd speaker in novice and making it to doubs

  • Yang Yi

    Congrats to Joe for winning on a 3-0

    On a side note, Regan Grishaber deserves coaching credit as well; I wouldn’t have achieved half of the things I did this year without his help

    • Lifer at Math

      3-0? 1/2 the things?

    • Mathew Pregasen

      Or without your cold medicine lol.

  • Congrats to Steven on another Dale bid round! While novice results don’t get posted, a major shout out goes to Samara Jacobson for novice semis, I see a promising future for females in Scarsdale!

  • Congrats to David with the qual!

  • Mathew Pregasen

    While the Final is the same matchup again its also awesome how one of the semifinals is also another rematch.

  • David Joannides is a beast #tetoffensive

  • Mathew Pregasen

    Congrats David! Woot!

  • Noah Thaler

    Shout out to Lil’ Dick for getting to the bid round… I know it’s been a really long, hard journey, but at least the girth of your trophy was up to size.

  • #TETOffensive on their 6th qualled debater. Congrats David!

  • David joannides with the qual!! congrats!!

  • Congrats to David Joannides on qualling to the TOC!!! Very well deserved, sir.