St. Louis Park wins Great Midwestern Novice Nationals; Valley closes out JV Nationals

For the second consecutive year, the final round of the Great Midwestern Novice Nationals featured St. Louis Park and Valley. This year, it was SLP’s Bailey Robb who came out on top, defeating Valley’s Gina Scorpiniti on a 3-0 decision.

In the JV division, there was a three-way close-out featuring Valley’s Jason Smith, Grady Stein, and Lucy Korsakov.


JV Quarterfinals

Valley JS advances over Valley SM (Shaan Madhan)

Valley GS def. St. Louis Park DC (Dana Councilman)

Valley LK advances over Valley CT (Colin Timmerman)

Bettendorf TA def. Sioux Falls Lincoln DM (David Mikhayelyan)


Valley JS def. Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey)

Valley GS advances over Valley LK


Valley JS (Jason Smith) and Valley GS (Grady Stein)

Novice Quarterfinals

SLP BR def. Valley SY (Satya Yaramati)

Valley GS def. Bettendorf JK (Josh Kinyon)

University SK def. Fremont Mills LS (Lily Saker)

Valley AS def. DM Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle)


SLP BR def. Valley AS (Alissa Smith)

Valley GS def. University SK (Samantha Koreman)


SLP BR def. Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti)


SLP BR (Bailey Robb)