Tillman Huett Wins Texas

Austin, TX–Congratulations to Pflugerville’s Tillman Huett for defeating Strake Jesuit’s Jeremy Dang to win the University of Teaxs Longhorn Classic. Tillman is coached by Martin Sigalow, Zac Calhoun, and Elizabeth Waldrop; Jeremy is coached by Jerry Crist, Chris Castillo, and Daniel Imas.

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Strake JD def. Churchill AW (Allie Woodhouse) (Lester, Iqbal, Cook)
Pflugerville TH def. Strake JA (Jonathan Acevedo) (Rutter, Donovan, Fitz)
CyWoods GJ def. Strake J (JP Stuckert) (Hamad, Tang, Hamilton)
CyWoods JD def. Flower Mound MG (Matt Gmitro) (Castillo, Imas, Weiss)

Semis (TOC):
Pflugerville TH (Aff) def. Cypress Woods JD (Jordan Durrani) (Imas, Castillo, Fitz)
Strake JD (NEG) def. Cypress Woods GJ (Grant James) (Donovan, Tang, Ghua)

Pflugerville TH def. Strake JD (Jeremy Dang) 3-0

Pflugerville TH (Tillman Huett)

  • JP Stuckert

    Not to be too uptight, but last time I checked my name wasn’t John Sasso.

    • JP Stuckert

      thanks for fixing it

  • Another victory for the TET Offensive. Congrats Tillman!

  • Many utils were generated over the course of this tournament, cheifly by Tillman Huett-Lassman. Congrats to all who did well!