New Vids! CPS CL v Valley JS, Harker PR v Trinity MP, La Jolla RP vs Isidore Newman MM

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3 new videos! Follow the links below and enjoy!

College Prep CL vs. WDM Valley JS. Judge: Michael Harris. Round 5 of the Glenbrooks

Harker PR vs. Trinity Prep MP. Judge: Michael Harris. Round 6 of the Glenbrooks

La Jolla RP vs. Isidore Newman MM. Judge: Noah Star Round 5 of the Glenbrooks

  • Debate1

    I think the round between Ram and Matthew was R4 at Glenbrooks.

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted to hear Ram v Mathew RFD (although it was obvious who won), Noah is freaking hilarious,

    • AnonyMouse

      … kiss-ass.

  • Brennan Sterling Caruthers

    Thanks so much to everybody who is helping start up NSDVideos again! These videos are an awesome resource that shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you’re looking to do some drills with any of the videos on the site, message me on Facebook and I’ll send you a few weeks worth of drills that you can do with any video you want. I hope this helps!

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