Brentwood Takes Woodward JV Divsion; Cameron Cohen Wins Novice

Junior Varsity Division:
Partial Octofinals:
Brentwood JC def. Whitman LS (Lily Sun)
Cardozo AB def. Apple Valley GH (Grace Hoffa)

Brentwood MR over Brentwood JC (Jacob Chorches)
Brentwood JL def. Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis)
Bronx Science GM def. Brentwood KA (Kelsey Allen-Niesen)
Brentwood JP def. Apple Valley MO (Maddy Ober)

Brentwood MR def. Bronx Science GM (Griffin Miller)

Three-way closeout:
Brentwood JL (Jackson Lallas), JP (Jared Paul), & MR (Micah Rosen)

Novice Division
Apple Valley CH def. Lexington BW (Bruce Wang)
Northland Christian AP def. Brentwood JR (Jacob Reiter)
Bronx Science JH def. Immaculate Heart LM (Louisa Melcher)
Lexington LW def. Northland Christian BL (Becca Lanier)
Harvard-Westlake NS def. Northland Christian JW (Jessica Ward)
Brentwood DT def. Suncoast NV (Nalin Vattigunta)
Harvard-Westlake CC def. Meadows LS (Luis Sandoval)
Lexington AS def. Bronx Science DR (Diganta Rashed)

Harvard-Westlake NS def. Lexington AS (Achal Srinavasin)
Northland Christian AP def. Apple Valley CH (Claire Hoffa)
Harvard-Westlake CC def. Brentwood DT (Devon Turner)
Lexington LW def. Bronx Science JH (Joe Harari)

Harvard-Westlake CC over Harvard-Westlake NS
Lexington LW def. Northland Christian AP (Allie Pennington)

Harvard-Westlake CC def. Lexington LW (Linnea Warburton)

Harvard-Westlake CC (Cameron Cohen)

  • Griffin Miller

    eyo shouts to micah, jackson and jared on the 3 way close out. i believe this is the second time micah and jared have won this tournament, too firey. also, the gorski/li lab dominated this weekend with 7 of the 12 kids in outrounds, mad props to everyone.
    i also want to congratulate diganta on making it to octas and juggling joe harari on quarters and 2nd speaker, you both have worked incredibly hard over the course of the year and it shows. you’re gonna straight kill em next year! bang bang sosa baby

  • anon94

    it seems strange that debaters qualified to the toc would be entered in a jv division. i have no idea what the precedent is on this for woodward and obviously they weren’t breaking any rules but it seems odd to me. but congrats to brentwood for supporting such a great tournament

    • This tournament actually only had a sophomore field. I guess they just decided to call in JV on the nsd post

      • It’s not based on skill or on grade level. It’s years of LD/policy debate experience. In the past, the JV pool has included 2nd-year seniors and 9th graders with middle school experience.
        From JoT:
        “The purpose of our tournament is to provide First- and Second-Year Competitors with a national event. …

        What if my debater is an 11th grader but started debating as a sophomore?
        They are eligible to debate in the Second Year National Championships. …

        What if my debater attended high school tournaments as a middle school student? Does this impact eligibility for your tournament?
        Yes. Participation in high school debate tournaments limits eligibility no matter the age of the student at the time of participation.”

  • Congratulations to Linnea on finals- she’s earned this through her hard work and dedication every day at practice! Also, congrats to Achal and Brian on quarterfinals and octafinals, respectively. You all did great this weekend and the future is bright for Lex.