Harrison, NY–Congratulations to Harrison’s Danny DeBois for defeating Millburn’s Yang Yi to win the Six Rounds of Spring Round Robin. Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig; Yang is coached by Larry Liu and Regan Grishaber.

Participant Awards:
Bronx Science BA (Ben Adegbite)
Collegiate NE (Nathan Ewing-Crystal)
Livingston JX (Jessica Xu)
Monticello PC (Peter Chocolate)
Monticello LS (Lucas Smith)
Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz)
Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom)
Timothy Christian AM (Andrew Meleta)

April Pod:
3rd place – Byram Hills JA (Josh Altman), 10-4
2nd place – Fordham Prep DJ (David Joannides), 11-3
1st place – Harrison DD (Danny DeBois), 12-2

May Pod:
3rd place – Harrison PG (Patty-Jane Geller), 9-5
2nd place – Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue), 10-4
1st place – Millburn YY (Yang Yi), 14-0

Demo Round:
Harrison DD (Danny DeBois) (Neg.) def. Millburn YY (Yang Yi) (3-2) (Drucker, Fowle, Fitzgerald, Hartigan*, Walker*)

Champion: Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)

3rd speaker – Monticello PC (Peter Chocolate) (343.5 total points, 286.5 high/low)
2nd speaker – Timothy Christian AM (Andrew Meleta) (343.6 total points, 287.6 high/low)
1st speaker – Harrison DD (Danny DeBois) (351.5 total points, 293 high/low)