Josh Altman Wins Newark

Josh Altman of Byram Hills emerged victorious in the final round of the 2013 Newark Invitational, where he defeated Zeke Rosenberg of Bronx Science. Josh is coached by Ari Parker and Jacob Pritt; Zeke is coached by Jon Cruz, Matt Dunay, Ryan Davis, Abhi Elisetty, John Lewis, Zack Struver, and Alex Zhang.

Partial Doubles to clear all 4-2s:
9. Bronx Science SS (AFF) def. 24. Timothy Christian GM (Gerritt Maniguet) 2-1 (King, Hassin, *Golden)
10. Monticello LS (AFF) def. 23. Hunterdon Central VS (Vidhaath Sripathi) 2-1 (Roth, White, *Sheffield)
11. Monticello PC (neg) def. 22. Livingston High JX (Jessica Xu) 2-1 (Segal, *Kraut, Juechter)
12. Christopher Columbus NA (AFF) def. 21. Randolph SS (Subroto Sinha) 2-1 (Dunay, Romero, *Halvorson)
20. Princeton DE (neg) def. 13. Marlboro Independent AH (Aviela Hochberg) 2-1 (Parker, Wanless, *Vincent)
19. Millburn YY (AFF) def. 14. Montville RU (Rahul Upadhya) 2-1 (*Luccarelli, Astacio, Bathke)
15. Montville JM (AFF) def. 18. Fern Creek AT (Adnan Toric) 3-0 (Masi, Szporn, Ference)
16. Bronx Science GM (neg) def. 17. Regis JC (Janus Cataluna) 3-0 (Boone, Chester, Anderson)

1. Byram Hills JA (neg) def. 16. Bronx GM (Griffin Miller) 2-1 (Masi, Hassin, *Poveda)
2. Timothy Christian AM (AFF) def. 15. Montville JM (James Min) 3-0 (Antigua, Jenkins, Cheung)
3. Bronx Science ZR (AFF) def. 19. Milburn YY (Yang Yi) (King, *Kraut, Heiserman)
4. Harrison PG (AFF) def. 20. Princeton DE (Daniel Edelberg) 3-0 (Astacio, Golden, Sheffield)
5. Regis PM (neg) def. 12. Christopher Columbus NA (Nick Anderson) 2-1 (*Szporn, Roth, Struver)
11. Monticello PC (neg) def. 6. Ridge AMC (Arianna Montero-Colbert) 2-1 (White, *Chester, Wanless)
7. Scarsdale NT (neg) def. 10. Monticello LS (Lucas Smith) 3-0 (Romero, Dunay, Vincent)
8. Regis RM (neg) def. 9. Bronx Science SS (Shai Szulanski) 2-1 (*Parker, Boone, Omoregie)

1. Byram Hills JA (AFF) def. 8. Regis RM (Ryan McEvoy) 2-1 (*Szporn, Astacio, Fitzgerald)
3. Bronx Science ZR (AFF) def. 11. Monticello PC (Peter Chocolate) 2-1 (*Golden, Heiserman, Struver)
4. Harrison PG (AFF) def. 5. Regis PM (Peter McGahren) 2-1 (Romero, Boone, *Poveda)
7. Scarsdale NT (AFF) def. 2. Timothy Christian AM (Andrew Meleta) 2-1 (Parker, *Fowle, Cheung)

1. Byram Hills JA (AFF) def. 4. Harrison PG (Patty Jane-Geller) 4-1 (Romero, Antigua, Kraut,
Roth, *Sheffield)
3. Bronx Science ZR (AFF) def. 7. Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler) 5-0 (White, Torchio, Jenkins, Anderson, Scofield)

Finals (bid):
1. Byram Hills JA (neg) def. 3. Bronx Science ZR (Zeke Rosenberg) 5-2 (Anderson, Chung, Joseph, *Kraut, McIntyre, Romero, *Scofield)

Byram Hills JA (Josh Altman)

Speaker Awards:
1. Lucas Smith (Monticello LS)
2. Andrew Meleta (Timothy Christian AM)
3. Josh Altman (Byram Hills JA)
4. Zeke Rosenberg (Bronx Science ZR)
5. Jack Wilson (Ridge JW)
6. Patty-Jane Geller (Harrison PG)
7. Peter McGahren (Regis PM)
8. Arianna Montero-Colbert (Ridge AM)
9. William Meyer (Princeton WM)
10. Noah Thaler (Scarsdale NT)

  • BrosephStalin

    “Awkward Turtle”

  • Rebar Niemi

    Congratulations to Noah Thaler. I am well proud of how my lab from two years ago turned out.

  • Lin

    “Nukes”? Is this tasteful…?

    • sjadler

      We agree that it’s not. The username and password were given out for someone to post results, and they chose that title without consulting us. I edited the article as soon as I noticed, but I know that doesn’t wholly correct it. We apologize for the title coming off that way, and we will be more cautious about these situations in the future.