Danny DeBois Wins the Penn Round Robin

Philadelphia, PA-Congratulations to Harrison’s Danny DeBois and Walt Whitman’s Jessica Levy for advancing to the final round of the Fifth Annual Penn Round Robin. On a 4-1 decision, Danny prevailed over Jessica. Congratulations to both debaters! Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig. Jessica is coached by Eric Palmer, Charles Chy, Eric Han, and Iaan Reynolds.

Inter-pod debates and the final debate were governed by NFL rules, with the exception of preparation time. Instead of preparation time, the “timeout system” was utilized in these debates. Debaters were given 4 “full” timeouts (during which a debater may stop the round for 1 minute) and 2 “30 second” timeouts (during which a debater may stop the round for 30 seconds). Timeouts may be called at any point during the debate (even during an opponent’s speech). Debaters were encouraged to use timeouts to halt their opponent’s momentum, to mull over a tough CX question, or to check new 2AR arguments.

Runoff Round
(W4) Carpe Diem JM def. (W5) Scarsdale SN (Sam Natbony)
3-0 (Becca Traber, Tom Evnen, Alex Wissmann)
(J4) Stuyvesant SH def. (J5) Walt Whitman DM (Daisy Massey)
2-1 (*Nikhil Nag, Jacob Pritt, Matt Zavislan)

Super 8
(J1) Scarsdale GR def. (W4) Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman)
2-1 (Tom Evnen, *Alex Zimmermann, Becca Traber)
(W1) Harrison DD def. (J4) Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom)
3-0 (Nikhil Nag, Kanisha Parthasarthy, Alex Wissmann)
(W3) Kent Denver SM def. (J2) Saint Louis Park RS (Richard Shmikler)
3-0 (Nikhil Nag, Jacob Pritt, Alex Zimmermann)
(W2) Walt Whitman JL def. (J3) La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad)
3-0 (Matt Zavislan, Alex Wissmann, Becca Traber)

Final 4
(W2) Walt Whitman JL def. (J1) Scarsdale GR (Grant Reiter)
2-1 (Tom Evnen, Becca Traber, *Will Marble)
(W1) Harrison DD def. (W3) Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews)
2-1 (*Alex Zimmermann, Kanisha Parthasarthy, Jacob Pritt)

Championship Debate
(W1) Harrison DD def. (W2) Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy)
4-1 (Nikhil Nag, Jacob Pritt, Neville Dusaj, *Wade Houston, Student Vote [6-1])

(W1) Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)

Outstanding Speakers
1. Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)
2. Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews)
3. Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman)

  • nikhiln17

    On behalf of PFYD, I’d like to thank all participants for coming and making a generous donation to our organization. We sincerely hope you return next year as either competitors or judges and wish you the best of luck at TOC.
    Also, thanks to everyone for being such good sports and using the timeout system at least once during the RR. I hope you all had fun with that (since it definitely made judging a bit more entertaining).

    • I was really a fan of the “timeout’s solve side bias” arguments. Especially because they were probably true.