Leah Shapiro Wins Valley


Des Moines, Iowa- Congrats to St. Louis Park’s Leah Shapiro for defeating Collegiate’s Andrew O’Donohue to win the 2013 Mid-America Cup. Leah is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney, Geoffrey Kristof, and Matt Zavislan. Andrew is coached by Aracelis Biel and Mark Gorthey.



Loyola CK Advances w/o debating

La Jolla RP Advances w/o debating

Jesuit JH Advances w/o debating

Lake Highland NN Advances w/o debating

Sacred Heart AT Advances w/o debating

St. Louis Park LS Advances w/o debating

Scarsdale BU Advances w/o debating

CPS CL Advances w/o debating

Collegiate AO Advances w/o debating

Isidore Newman MM Advances w/o debating

Walt Whitman JL Advances w/o debating

Loyola MG Advances w/o debating

Univeristy SJ Advances w/o debating

Apple Valley GH def. Saint Louis Park DC (Dana Councilman (*Yocom, Ahlstrom, Miller)

Bronx Science DM def. Walt Whitman LS (Lily Sun) (Kramer, Gans, Agrawal

Woodlands AC def. Hockaday AG (Aashima Garg) (Davis, Rutter, Clemens)

Univeristy DB def. Walt Whitman SP (Sophia Palim) (McClung, Magyar, Robertson)

Katy Taylor NY def. Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner) (Mayes, Hymson, McConnell)

Cypress Bay JS def. Strake JM (John McMillan) (Maude, Eastlund, Quinn)

Des Moines Roosevelt EW def. Law Magnet DD (Dino DeLaO) (Castillo, *Rose, Cruz)

Hockaday CN def. Bronx Science GM (Griffin Miller) (McGinnis, Miller, Malis)

Bettendorf EH def. Bronx Science OK (Oliver Korten) (Spence, Wanless, Korsakov)

LAMP RR def. Bronx Science JS (John Staunton) (Legried, Zhou, Miller)

Visitation SD def. Walt Whitman NL ( Nicholas Lorence) (Dunay, Biel, Bendi)

Brentwood JC def. Strake JS (John Sasso) (Palmer, You, Tarsney)

Mission Peak Academy AB def. University SK (Samantha Koreman) (Selman, Shudak, Scoggin)

Apple Valley PH def. Monticello LS (Lucas Smith) (Smith, Beane, *Mitra)

Del Mar VB def. Vestavia JP (Jack Patton) (Tarsney, Chy, Crist)

Strake Jesuit J def. Walt Whitman YC (Yael Caplan) (Gorthey, *Melin, Tierney)

Strake Jesuit JZ def. Lake Highland SP (Sreya Pinnamaneni) (Wright, Ulene, *Posner)

Evanston EW def. Univeristy AF (Alejandro Frydman) (Shmikler, Bryan, Rankin)

Hopkins MB def. Lake Highland SA (Sam Azbel) (Sloven, *McElwain, Matson)





Loyola CK def. Hopkins MB (Mia Berman) (Melin, Sloven, Tarsney)

La Jolla RP def. Evanston EW (Eric Weine) (Magyar, Hymson, Miller)

Jesuit JH def. Strake Jesuit JZ (Joe Zaghrini) (Gorthey, Chy, Tarsney)

Lake Highland NN def. Strake Jesuit J (J Stuckert) (*Wright, Korsakov, Shmikler)

St. Louis Park LS def. Apple Valley PH (Davis, Yocom, Eastlund)

Del Mar VB def. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) (Castillo, *Scoggin, Agrawal)

Scarsdale BU def. Mission Peak Academy AB (Anand Balaji) (*Zhou, Legried, McClung)

College Prep CL def. Brentwood JC (Jacob Chorches) (Tierney, Palmer, Clemens)

Collegiate AO def. Visitation SD (Sean Doherty-Powell) (Hymson, Wanless, Bryan)

Isidore Newman MM def. LAMP RR (Ruchir Rastogi) (Selman, Kramer, Melin)

Walt Whitman JL def. Bettendorf EH (Eric Hale) (Gorthey, Korsakov, Gans)

Hockaday CN def. Loyola MG (McKay Giller) (McClung, *Wright, Magyar)

Univeristy SJ def. Des Moines Roosevelt EW (Emma Weddle) (Castillo, Smith, Scoggin)

Cypress Bay JS def. Apple Valley GH (Grace Hoffa) (Davis, *Maude, McElwain)

Katy Taylor NY def. Bronx Science DM (Try-or-Daiya Massac) (Legried, *Ahlstrom, Yocom)

Univeristy DB def. Woodlands AC (ABigail Chapman) (Tierney, Palmer, Clemens)



Loyola CK def. Univeristy DB (David Branse) (*Chy, Smith, Davis)

La Jolla RP def. Katy Taylor NY (*Korsakov, Miller, Tarsney)

Jesuit JH def. Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) (Palmer, Shmikler, Hymson)

Lake Highland NN def. University SJ (Saahil Jain) (McClung, Gorthey, Eastlund)

Hockaday CN def. Del Mar VB (Varun Bhave) (Tierney, Rankin, Kramer)

St. Louis Park LS def. Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy) (Legried, Biel, *Beane)

Isidore Newman MM def. Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene) (Yocom, Wanless, *Scoggin)

Collegiate AO def. CPS CL (Charlotte Lawrence) (Melin, Malis, Wright)



Collegiate AO def. Loyola CK (Chris Kymn) (Melin, Gans, *Chy)

La Jolla RP def. Isidore Newman MM (Matthew Meyer) (Tarsney, McClung, Hymson)

St. Louis Park LS def. Jesuit JH (Jim Huang) (Gorthey, Clemens, *Biel)

Hockaday CN def. Lake Highland Prep NN (Nikhil Nandu) (Tierney, *Palmer, Wright)



Collegiate AO def. Hockaday CN (Chloe Naguib) (Wanless, McClung, Hymson)

St. Louis Park def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) (Biel, Melin, Palmer)



St. Louis Park LS def. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue) (*Melin, Legried, Hymson)



1) Nikhil Nandu- Lake Highland

2) Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart

3)Leah Shapiro- St. Louis Park

4) Chris Kymn- Loyola

5) Eric Hale- Bettendorf

6) Ben Ulene- Scarsdale

7) Ram Prasad- La Jolla

8) Charlotte Lawrence- CPS

9) Andrew O’Donohue- Collegiate

10) Matthew Meyer- Isidore Newman

11) Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman

12) McKay Giller- Loyola

13) Jim Huang- Jesuit

14) Saahil Jain- University

15) Dana Councilman- St. Louis Park

16) Daiya Massac- Bronx Science

17) Abigail Chapman- Woodlands

18) Rock Morille- Strake Jesuit

19) Nalin Vattigunta- Oxbridge Academy

20) Ruchir Rastogi- LAMP

  • Charlie Blatt

    Congrats to both Leah and Andrew, both of whom are very nice humans and great debaters. Additional congrats to Ben Ulene on octas, the Dale is now 7 for 7 bids!

    As a side note, #debategirls2014 are doing amazingly well thus far in the season!

    • Jacob Pritt

      Charlie Blatt: Quite possibly the only hope for Scarsdale in this century besides hiring me and Nag (oh wait, they already fucked that up and she probably had no say in it at all whatsoever)