Ram Prasad Wins the Valley Round Robin 2013


Des Moines, Iowa – Ram Prasad of La Jolla High School defeated Jessica Levy of Walt Whitman to win the 2013 Valley Round Robin. (*Scoggin, Tarsney, Zhou). Ram is coached by Jeff Liu, Tom Evnen, and Zack Parker. Jessica is coached by Eric Palmer, Emily Massey, Michael Harris, and Jeremy Dang.


Pod 1

1) Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman (7-3)

2) Leah Shapiro- St. Louis Park (7-3)

3) Chris Kymn- Loyola (6-4)

Brentwood- Jared Paul

Isidore Newman- Matthew Meyer

Jason Smith- West Des Moines Valley


Pod 2

1) Ram Prasad- La Jolla (9-1)

Collegiate- Andrew O’Donohue

CPS- Charlotte Lawrence

Hockaday- Chloe Naguib

Sacred Heart- Adam Tomasi

Scarsdale- Ben Ulene

Full results will be posted once released

  • Jacob Pritt

    You’re doing it incorrectly, Ram. You’re supposed to HOIST the trophy, sir. Did EPalm teach you nothing this year in top lab? Good job Jessica. I like to see a lot of unequal PRO NSD representation in finals of every single tournament that matters.