Henry Zhang Wins Stanford

Palo Alto, CA–Congratulations to Palos Verdes Peninsula’s Henry Zhang for defeating Loyola’s Michael Harris to win the 2013 Stanford University Tournament on a 2-1 decision (Yanofsky, Wang, *Jablon). Henry is coached by Sam Weiss and Chris Theis; Michael is coached by Michael Overing, John Scoggin, Bob Overing, Tom Placido, and Tim McHugh.

Partial Triples:
Torrey Pines AR def. Marlborough CC (Clara Collier)
Presentation SK def. Peninsula NE (Neil Ettington)
Loyola BK def. Monta Vista VS (Vishnu Shankar)
Palo Alto KZ def. Leland CL (Cameron Loftis)
Brentwood JP def. Loyola MG (McKay Giller)
College Prep CL def. Mountain View AJ (Arman Jaffer)
Torrey Pines JH def. SLP DC (Dana Councilman)
Harvard-Westlake TC def. Harker AC (Albert Chu)

Harker PR advances over Harker SP (Srikar Pyda)
Loyola BK advances over Loyola CK (Chris Kymn)
Peninsula HZ def. Harvard-Westlake TC (Tommy Choi)
Peninsula JZ def. Los Osos FA (Felicia Agrelius)
Loyola MH def. Torrey Pines JH (Josh Helali)
Peninsula AJ def. College Prep CL (Charlotte Lawrence)
Brentwood JP def. Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald)
Wenatchee CS def. Palo Alto KZ (Kevin Zhang)
Peninsula AT def. Presentation SK (Sanika Kulkarni)
Lynbrook JU def. Torrey Pines AR (Adam Roke)
Harvard-Westlake SH def. Round Rock (Brennan Langer)
Lynbrook HS def. Immaculate Heart KH (Katherine Hughes)
Hopkins CK def. Presentation MK (Maya Kaul)
Bainbridge JM def. Palo Alto AZ (Allen Zhang)
Harker RX def. Los Altos SD (Salim Damerdji)
Flintridge Sacred Heart MA def. Brentwood JC (Jacob Chorches)

Peninsula AJ advances over Peninsula JZ (James Zhang)
Lynbrook HS def. Loyola BK (Ben Koh)
Peninsula AT def. Harker PR (Pranav Reddy)
Peninsula HZ def. Flintridge Sacred Heart MA (Monica Amestoy)
Loyola MH def. Los Altos SD (Salim Damerdji)
Lynbrook JU def. Harvard-Westlake SH (Shelby Heitner)
Brentwood JP def. Bainbridge JM (James Maltman)
Wenatchee CS def. Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner)

Peninsula HZ def. Lynbrook JU (Jonathan Uesato)
Loyola MH def. Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe)
Wenatchee CS def. Brentwood JP (Jared Paul)
Lynbrook HS def. Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan)

Peninsula HZ def. Wenatchee CS (Colton Smith)
Loyola MH def. Lynbrook HS (Haziq Siddiqi)

Peninsula HZ def. Loyola MH (Michael Harris)

  • Rebar Niemi

    Salim is right, huge kudos are owed to the Stanford tab and staff for how this tournament was run this year – on time, on target. Very enjoyable WesCoastin’ experience.

    Congratulations to Henry and Michael, I only got to see part of finals but it seemed like a throwdown FurReal [friends]. It is truly terrifying how good PV and Loyola are as teams, 9/40 of the outround participants by my count, and PV had 3/8 in quarters. Daymmmmmn. Some coaches out there did a damn fine job.

    Colton Smith, James Maltman rep dat NW pride. SHOUT OUT TO MY SET.

    Also, shout out to Vishnu Shankar for one of the most entertaining cases I’ve seen in a long time and for having tremendous in round presence.

  • I just wanted to say Stanford was very well run from my perspective. Everything ultimately ran on time despite Stanford’s maze-like campus and the judging pool was quite good considering its size. Also, tab updated postings and results of rounds on JOT hella fast and consistently. Stanford’s more complete results are here: https://sites.google.com/site/2013stanfordtournamentresults/

    (Also, as debating Harris in octos would imply, I picked up the doubles round versus Harker RX.)

  • Lynbrook with a two well deserved quals!