Reuben Hogan Wins Vestavia Hills

Vestavia Hills, AL–Congratulations to New Orleans Jesuit’s Reuben Hogan for defeating Isidore Newman’s Matthew Meyer to win the 2013 Over the Mountain Classic. Reuben is coached by Travis Smith and Ian Gunn. Matt is coached by Greg Malis and Alma Nicholson.

NO Jesuit JH (neg) def. Mountain Brook WM (Wyatt Moorer) 3-0
NO Jesuit RH (aff) def. Christ Episcopal MK (Matthew Koshak) 3-0
Isidore Newman MM (neg) def. LAMP RR (Ruchir Rastogi) 2-1
St. James PD def. JCIB (initials?)

Isidore Newman MM def. St. James PD (Phillip Davis)
NO Jesuit RH advances over NO Jesuit JH (Jim Huang)

Finals (bid):
NO Jesuit RH (aff) def. Isidore Newman MM (Matthew Meyer) 3-0

New Orleans Jesuit RH (Reuben Hogan)

  • Good job Reuben, you’re a nice dude

  • ipgunn

    Congratulations to Reuben for the bid, win, and a great all-around tournament! And congrats to Matthew on the qual. And thanks to Jim Huang for being a great teammate and coming to Vestavia to help a friend and teammate.

  • I only met Reuben briefly this year, but he is such a legitimately nice and friendly guy that I’m so happy he got the bid/win and his smiling picture is enough to make me smile just by looking at it. So friendly, and his bow-tie is nice too

  • CONGRATULATIONS REUBEN!! So glad to see all your hard work pay off. Also, congrats to Matthew on the qual!

  • JCIB HH (Hunter Hollis)

  • Rebar Niemi

    vestavia has always held a place in my heart tho i’ve never attended. congratulations all you warriors.

    • Rebar Niemi

      LAMP RR!