Samir Reddy Wins Golden Desert

Las Vegas, NV-Congratulations to Brophy’s Samir Reddy for defeating Harvard-Westlake’s Julie Engel to win the 2013 Golden Desert Invitational. Samir is coached by Kevin Colton and David Barclay. Julie is coached by Mike Bietz and Nate Zerbib-Berda.

  • Samir is my heartthrob. Congrats on the win!

  • Rebar Niemi

    Julie Engel was super stylie and rad when I judged her at St. Mark’s. Shot caller, no-look passer, etc.

    Congratulations coach Kevin Colton! I remember debating dis dude and now he’s the king of AZ LD.

  • Congrats to Samir on the win and of course being the first one in too long to fully qualify to the TOC from Arizona!